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                                                                 Suction Wall Grab Bars     Bathing
   Suction Grab Bars. Can be
attached to any non-porous sur-
faces to prevent slips and falls.
To attach bars to the surface,
push levers down; flip up levers
to release. Can be adjusted
easily in horizontal or vertical
positions. Item 081499821 has
a 180° swivel with a bar that
easily rotates in any position to
accommodate your needs. Grab Bars extend 2” away from surface. Constructed of durable plastic.
081499813 16” Two-Suction Grab Bar 081499821 Dual Grip Suction Grab Bar.
191⁄4” in length.
HealthSmartTM 2-Suction Cup Grab Bar with Bactix. Durable suction pads provide excellent temporary balance assistance on any non-porous
surface. Quick, tool-free assembly and easy instal-
lation, simply attach and reattach with the flip of
the lever. Color indicator changes from red to green
to signify grab bar is secure. Infused with BactiXTM antimi- crobial protection which helps protect against the growth of harmful germs with the power of a unique blend of natural antimicrobials. Provides continuous protection against odors, molds and stains, as well as E. coli
and staph for the lifetime of the product. Latex free. Size: 12”. Lifetime Limited Warranty. Not to be used to support body weight.
081706670 $14.35
   Suction grab bars are to be used as balance assist only. They are not for body weight leverage.
 Chrome Suction Cup
Grab Bars. Provides excellent
temporary balance assistance on
any non-porous surface. Features
BactiXTM built-in antimicrobial pro-
tection which shields against odors,
molds, stains and other bacteria, including Staph and E. coli. Quick and easy installation. Durable suction pads ensure safe balance assistance. Color indicator changes from red to green to signify grab bar is se- cure. Not to be used to support full body weight. 081606722 12” $24.70
081606771 16” $31.95
Handi-Grip Portable Grab Bar. Quickly and easily installed and removed. Telescoping bar for one- or two-handed grip on all but Single Hand model. Large lever for easy release. Easily attaches to most smooth surfaces. Perfect for renters, travelers or visitors. The suction housing and bar are high tensile plastic com- ponents, suction pads are natural rubber and all metal parts are stainless steel. HandiGrip is intended to assist the bodys natural movement; not designed to support the users whole body weight. Intended to provide support only for short periods of time. Not recommended on dry wall. The minimum area for each suction cup for adhesion is 5” x 5”. The bar is 3”H. Weight capacity 130 lbs.
559056 Small $266.55 559057     Medium $276.80
  Single Hand
  Overall Length
  Length of Grab Area
   153⁄4”– 205⁄8”
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