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    Diverter Valve. Chrome- plated plastic valve. Allows either the regular shower head to operate or, with just a turn of the lever, diverts the water to a handheld shower spray. 556917 $7.10
Shower Spray
with Diverter
Valve. Converts
your conven-
tional shower
head to a
handheld spray.
An on/off switch is
built into the handle for
easy access. Includes a wall holder and an extra- long 80” white reinforced 13⁄16” nylon hose. 557374 $39.90
081601962 3 Pack $107.95
Save $ money when you purchase a pack of 3!
Handheld Showers
             Handheld Shower
and Diverter Valve. Extra-long nylon reinforced hose allows the user to
bathe while sitting on a bath bench in the shower or in the tub. On/off valve provides easy control of water flow. The di- verter valve attaches easily
to standard 1⁄2” shower
arms. Length 881⁄2”
includes hose and showerhead. Includes
retail packaging.
                 Handheld Showerhead with Diverter Valve. Converts conventional shower head to a handheld spray. On/off switch is built into
the handle for easy access. The diverter valve allows for use with either a traditional shower head or as a shower spray. Includes a wall holder and an extra-long 80” white reinforced 13⁄16” nylon hose.
  Deluxe Massage Shower Spray.
Features three spray options and adjust- able massaging head. Chrome shower
arm mount and extra-long 84” chrome/ mylar-reinforced, tangle-free hose. Can be used as handheld shower spray or used in handle mount as a traditional shower head.
   Lumatemp® LED Shower Head.
Enhances bathroom safety. Hydro-powered LED color indicator automatically illuminates the water to blue, green or red based on the temperature. This visual color code eliminates the need to rely on touch. No electricity or batteries required. Easy installa- tion. Includes removable 5’ flexible hose and fits most standard shower connectors (3⁄4”). 081621358 $66.95
Full Spray Handheld Shower.
Lightweight and easy to hold, encour- ages self-use. Shower head features a full spray with a convenient push button to pause water to a trickle during soaping or transferring out of bathing area. Choice of two adhesive or optional screw mounted wall mounts that can be used by seated or standing bathers. 84” hose.
Safety Grip
Shower Head.
Includes long 84”
hose, push button control,
wall bracket and mounting
screws. Has added feature of a safety trigger with a squeeze on/off release valve. If dropped while show- ering, the water flow stops instantly.
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