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                                     Toileting Aids
          Self Wipe Toilet Aid. For those who have difficulties cleaning themselves after toileting. The unique finger-shaped tip allows pressure to be applied in precise locations. The Self Wipe features an easy- to-use release button to enable thumb use only—just release to drop the used tissue into the toilet. Includes a roller handle for toilet tissue for complete one-handed use. Diameter 1.5”.
557435 $70.49
081507003 Pack of 3
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Toilet Aids. Lightweight tongs assist individuals with limited reach and range
of motion. Ends are slightly angled for more precise use. Vinyl coated handles and ends for easy maintenance. Stainless steel. Reinforced joint adds extra durability. Latex free.
6014 Short 12” $13.15 6219 Long 15” $14.15
Our Popular Bottom Buddy. Ideal for personal hygiene when reaching is difficult. A soft, flexible head grips any tissue or pre-moistened wipe securely and releases the paper with the push of a button on the easy-to-use handle. Unique, patented de- sign is comfortable and effective. Includes storage bag. 101/2” long.
555400 $80.80
Etac Toilet Aid. Spring clip holds toilet tissue. Just squeeze the handle to open. The handle shape allows most with minimal grasp to insert fingers into the loop. Handle portion to angle 93/4”. Lower angle portion 61/4”. Distance from top to tip, diagonally, is 13”. Latex free.
6479 $37.02
Toilet Aid. Provides assistance with inde- pendent hygiene. Curved metal handle with molded-plastic head has recessed serrations to grip paper. Weighs 21/2 oz. 10” long. AA2650 Toilet Aid $24.77
AA2652 Folding Toilet Aid-folds to 43/4” $32.03
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Clean Easy. Aids personal hygiene for those who find reaching difficult. The shape helps those with limited dexterity. The rounded, smooth design has a simple mechanism which grips the toilet tissue firmly and releases it cleanly. Works equally well with wet wipes. Easy to keep clean. Latex free. 153/4”L.
Long 15” Pack of 10
18” Long, (not shown, similar to the 6219) $16.15
Toilet Tissue Aid. Good for those with limited upper extremity range of motion. User attaches tissue to slotted hook by threading and weaving, then wrapping remainder around the hook. 60° angle for easier reach. Solid 131/2” Lexan® shaft with 41/2” cylindrical handle and rubbercoated hook. Latex free.
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6013 $38.29
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