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     Telescopic Mirror
with LED Lights.
Stainless steel handles
telescope from 61/2”
to 291/2” for fast, ac-
curate inspection. The
cushioned handle will
not slip in wet or oily
hands. The Round
Mirror features three
lights to illuminate
darkened areas, and
has a 33/8” diameter.
The Rectangular Mirror has three lights that rotate to adjust
to a needed angle for more direct lighting to a specified area.
This 21/4” x 31/2” mirror with ball joint that holds the mirror firmly for perfect viewing.
081532803 Round $37.40 081532829 Rectangular $39.40
Flexible Inspection Mirror. Acrylic mirror stays in position when bent. Adjustable plastic cuff accommodates full palmar grip or finger grasp. 6” x 4” mirror is 22” long. Latex free. 6220 With Mirror $29.30
Virtually unbreakable mirror
Flexible Para Inspection Mirror. Acrylic mirror mounted on 10” aluminum shaft makes it easy to hold and flex. Hand loop adjusts, and shaft maintains desired angle. Mirror measures 51/2” square. Handle is 51/2” long. Latex free.
6221 $30.30
Save $ money when you purchase pack of 3!
Telescoping Self-Examination Mirror. One side is a standard mirror and the other side provides 2x magnification. Collapsible handle extends 6”–18”. Perfect
for diabetics daily foot care exam, and skin inspection. Folds to fit into protective storage pouch. Soft-
grip handle for easy non-slip grip. Shatter resistant 23/4” round mirror.
6217 $24.25
Tabletop Zoom Mirror. Acrylic mirror mounted on a flexible 8” stainless steel gooseneck which permits positioning at any angle. Round base with suction cup bottom keeps mirror in place.
7x magnification.
6240 $43.40
With Mirror - Pack of 3
With Magnifying Mirror
Double Vision Vanity and Suction Cup Mirror. Features a strong 5x mirror on one end and a powerful 10x mirror on the other. The patented slide-on suction cup mounting allows easy exchange from one mirror to the other. Flexible 111/4” gooseneck design allows you to position the mirror at any desired angle. 61/4” diameter break-resistant mirrors have a sleek chrome finish. Latex free.
557208 $45.40
Our Popular Stand Mirror.
Easy-pivot 5” x 4” oval mirror can be moved without lifting or grasping. Magnifies on one side (four diopters of magnification), standard on the other. Wire frame base can stand or hang. Latex free.
6237 $11.35
Telescoping Mirror. Rectangular swiveling mirror, ideal for patients whose skin care routine includes
body inspection. Length extends 61/2”–12”. Mirror mea- sures 21/2” x 31/2”.
  Handle collapses and mirror folds to fit into protective storage pouch.
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            A7012 $27.30
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