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                                 Gel Foam Commode Cushion.
Provides comfort and maximum pressure
relief. Foam base prevents “bottoming out.”
Horseshoe shape fits most commercial toilet
seats. Enlarged size – 14”W x 18”L x 11/2”H – ensures that there are no exposed toilet seat surfaces. Four permanent straps hold the cushion in place. Vinyl surface is easy to clean with a spray and wipe antibacterial cleaner. 350 lb. weight capacity. 081540913 $107.20
Padded Raised Toilet Seats
                      Padded Commode Cushion with Cutout. Two inch thick single den- sity foam design provides support and comfort. Removable white antibac- terial cover wipes clean easily. Machine washable. 16” x 16”. Weight ca- pacity: 300 lbs.
555358 $57.15
16” 10”
            Rubber Inflatable Ring Cushion. Made of top quality rubber, this ring features a special valve designed for easy inflation. The Medium size has 16” diameter, 31/2” center hole. Large is 18” diameter, 41/2” center hole.
559210       Medium $19.70 559211       Large $25.95
Vinyl Cushion
Toilet Seat.
Available in 2” and
4” sizes. May be at-
tached to top of toilet
seat with hook & loop closures. Fits most standard size toilet seats. Foam padding minimizes pressure points. Made of foam padding, upholstered in vinyl. Lifetime limited warranty.
081533835 2” $33.00 081533843 4” $34.35
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547
fax 1.800.547.4333
Padded Toilet Seat Cushions with Cut-Out. 2” or 4” high- density foam provides elevation, support and comfort. The supple Sure-Check vinyl cover provides antibacterial protection and is soft to the touch. Two hook & loop straps secure the cushion to the toilet seat. Cut-out front allows for easy transfer and personal cleaning. Standard seat 14”W x 161/2”D. Before elevated, opening 61/2”W
x 12”D. Elongated seat 16”W x 191/2”D. Opening 9”W x 12”D. Weight capacity 300 lbs.
2” Standard Seat 4” Standard Seat 2” Elongated Seat 4” Elongated Seat
$44.90 $57.15
$65.95 $78.30

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