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             Homecraft Uni- Frame Folding Toilet Frame. An one piece plastic seat with a clip-on metal subchassis. Padded back rest added for extra comfort. Legs are height adjustable, and the seat has
a cut away for
personal hygiene.
Replacement screw
down feet (set of 4) available. Seat height 17”–22”. Rail height 241/2–291/4” in 1” increments. 191/2” wide, 161/2” deep. Seat opening is 12” x 9”. Weight capacity 279 lbs.
   557481       Uni-Frame $297.93
Adjustable Toilet Safety Frame. Height adjustable, stable frame with mounting brackets are easy to attach and adjust. Lightweight, aluminum frame is rust-resistant, with secure, adjust- able armrests. Skid-resistant rubber tips provide additional safety to the user. Height adjusts from 241/2” to 311/2”. Width between arms adjusts from 181/2” to 221/2”. Overall dimensions 20” W x 171/2” D x 27” H. Weight capacity 300 lbs.
081706340 $47.25
Folds for easy storage and moving
Screw-Down Feet. Set of four
Foldaway Toilet
Surround. A fully
folding and height-adjustable toilet surround. Designed with folding foot paddles that sit flush to the floor so that the weight of the user standing on them holds the frame firmly in place. Equipped with soft PVC armrests, which are ergonomically de- signed to aid the user to sit and stand with greater ease and comfort. 20”W x 21”D. Height adjusts 241/2” to 29”. Base size including front plate 22” x 23”. Weight capacity 280 lbs. Size when folded is 6” x 27.9” x 23”.
081570449 $149.75
Homecraft Stirling
Elite Toilet Frame.
Unique design makes it
easier for user to rise to
a standing position, as
the extending handles
are more suitable for
forward and upward le-
verage. Wider, contoured
seat has a front and rear
cutaway for personal
hygiene. Height adjust-
able. Top width 24”.
Seat height 171/2”–21”.
Seat 18”W x 18”D. Seat
Opening 8” x 10”. Base footprint 193/4”W x 213/4”D. Seat to grab handle 11”. Weight capacity 418 lbs.
557478 $163.70
557479           Deluxe Stirling Elite with padded armrests
                                                                               Toileting     Toilet Frames
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547
fax 1.800.547.4333
Drive Stand Alone Toilet Safety Rail. Free-standing rail for use around the toilet features easy, tool-free assembly using wing nuts. Fits standard and elongated toilets. Comes with padded armrests for comfort and a magazine rack for added convenience. Limited lifetime warranty. Width between arms: 261/2”. Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
081606110 $99.95

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