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                                                                 Safety Supports
   Low-Back Toilet Support. Ideal for those
with balance deficiencies. Wraparound, U-shape mounting bracket has removable, adjustable safety belt. Use toilet seat bolts for mounting. Chrome- plated steel and high impact, white ABS plastic. Includes a seamless, waterproof padded cushion that is very soft, secures with Velcro, and wipes clean. Does not include reducer ring. Optional armrest available. Latex and silicone free. 081169549 Adult (14”W, 10”-17”H)
623601 Optional Armrest Only. Armrest length adjustment 19”-22” Armrest
height adjustment 20”-31”.
      Shown with optional footrest, not available.
            Homecraft Ringwood Wall to Floor Grab Rail. Made of larger diameter steel tubing for greater comfort and easier
grip. Diameter of 11/4” and a white epoxy coating make it suitable for indoor or out- door use. The rail fixes to floor and wall and has three-hole fixing plates. Measures 30” from the floor and 303/4” from the wall. Comes in two pieces. Installation by a professional is recommended. Weight capacity 250 lbs.
557502 $50.95
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