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                                      Safety Supports
  Off Set P.T.RailTM. A unique wall-mounted support rail system which promotes safe standing and transfers to and from a toilet. It combines a solid feel and an innovative off set design. Unlike vertically aligned dual rail systems, this one allows better use of lower rail. The 11/2” diameter rail provides maximum comfort, and is ADA compliant. The hinged model folds up to store out of the way, yet pulls down in an instant when needed. The “fluid feel” hinge holds its position wher- ever you leave it to prevent falls. Weight capacity 400 lbs.
P.T.Rail, 32” Left P.T.Rail, 32” Right P.T.Rail, 28” Left P.T.Rail, 28” Right
$333.25 $333.25 $333.25 $333.25
             P.T. Toilet Roll Holder. Reduces reaching and strain by including a conveniently placed toilet role holder. The holder mounts securely onto any P.T. Hinged or Fixed Rail.
 554952 P.T.Rail Toilet Roll Holder $55.50
  Super Pole Floor System. A wonderful assist pole for care facilities. A portable, floor socket mounted pole provides standing and transferring support in institu- tional (concrete floor) applications. In-floor receptacles are installed at each location where transfer support is required. The Super Pole is secured into the receptacle by turning the knob on top of the pole; installs and removes in under a minute. The system works well for clients who need change frequently. When not in use, the floor receptacle is sealed in a flush, liquid-tight cap. System includes 1 receptacle. Pole length 96”. Weight capacity 450 lbs. 554954     Floor Receptacle System
Advantage RailTM. Floor mounted support rail promotes safe and independent standing and transfers. The key to effectiveness is the unique operation of the horizontal rail. Its ideal for rooms where a floor-to-ceiling pole cannot be used and is suitable for toileting, getting into or out of the bath or next to a bed. A gentle lift unlocks the horizontal rail, which pivots to move with you in safe, small steps. It can lock in an instant. Overall 51”. Floor to handle 30”-38”. Handle length 213/4”. Diameter 11/4”. 300 lb. weight capacity.
554955     Advantage Rail Standard $405.18
 All products on this page should be installed by a qualified professional.
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