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                                                               Treatment Furniture Chattanooga Traction
TX Traction Packages
    TX Traction Unit.
Easy to operate digital Touch Screen Interface. 270° Pivoting Interface. Ten user-defined pro- tocols and intermittent, static and cyclic traction programs as well as progressive and regres- sive settings. Traction tension parameters: 0–200 lbs. Patient Interrupt Switch, cervical maximum poundage warning
and audible
patient data
card records pre- and post-treatment profiles and session and patient infor- mation. Traction stand sold separately. 560738 TX Traction Unit $3,400.00
TX Mobile Traction Stand. Fully adjustable. Allows the TX Traction device to be used with most traction tables.
560739 $656.45
Saunders® Clinical Cervical Traction
System. Research has demonstrated
that cervical traction has shown in-
creased effectiveness in the supine
position and that TMJ dysfunction can
be aggravated by common head halters.
Because it pulls from the occiput, this
device provides more effective treatment.
Includes clevis for Chattanooga traction
units. closures makes the Deluxe Universal Pelvic
       Chattanooga TX Traction Packages.
Comprehensive traction package includes the following:
• ADP-400 four-section electric traction table, height adjustment from 21.5” to 41.5”
and adjustable head section (up or down 25°).
• TX digital traction unit with touch screen featuring digital poundage readout up to
100 and a 1–99 minute timer, 270° Pivoting Interface. 10 user-defined protocols
including: intermittent, static, progressive intermittent and progressive static.
• ETL listed.
• Traction stool with height adjustment from 13” to 20”.
• Saunders® clinical cervical traction device with clevis attachment.
• Deluxe Universal Belt System.
• Dimensions: 77”L x 27”W x 21.5”H to 41.5”H.
Hi-Lo Traction Package
568838* $8,800.00 Hi-Lo Traction Package with 3” Casters
568843* $8,900.00 Optional Accessories
560740 Optional Foot Control $100.86
560741 Replacement Cervical Traction Clevis for Chattanooga $79.95
Traction Units
                            Clinical Cervical Traction System
A501004 Clinical device with clevis for Chattanooga traction units $624.95 Clevis for Traction Unit
A501010 For TM-400, ACCU-TRAC and MTD 4000 $29.95
and Thoracic Traction Therapy Belt System the fastest setup ever for your traction therapy. Includes: Thoracic Belt, Pelvic Belt and Pelvic Belt Extender.
Deluxe Universal Belt System. Ensures the highest level of patient comfort without cumbersome buckles and belts. The A/P pull force is distributed evenly to eliminate the slippage typical of older style traction therapy belt systems. Universal fit with hook and loop
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547 fax 1.800.547.4333
554060 $277.70
*Specify upholstery color at time of order by adding color initials to end of item number. See page 125 for upholstery colors.
     Treatment Furniture

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