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PerformaTM Bar-Activated Traction Tables. Heavy-duty steel tube Hi-Lo control allows adjustment of the table height while keeping both hands on the patient and both feet on the floor. The control is designed to allow easy access from anywhere around the table without disrupting the treatment. Both tables feature a contoured face and nose opening.
960353*     BA-450
960382*     BA-400
563656 Decompression Assist Kit
$3,365.00 $3,285.00 $249.95
 Specifications Capacity Power Warranty Center Section Dimensions
Foot Section Head Section
Thoracic Section
400 lbs.
110 volts, 60Hz motor
18 mos.
27” x 10”
27”W x 76”L
(99”L with pedestal) x 18”–37”H
27” x 33”, +80°
+45°/ -90° BA-400: 27” x 15”
BA-450: 15” x 13” Armests: 12.5” x 5.5” 27” x 17.5”
PerformaTM/Chattanooga® Traction Bracket. Allows Chattanooga traction heads to be mounted to tables. Black. 560488 $34.47
PerformaTM Flexion Stool. Height adjusts from 12” to 18” for positioning patients during lumbar traction.
*Specify upholstery color at time of order by adding color initials
to end of item number. See page 125 for Performa upholstery colors.
561675 Greystone
561676 Cappuccino
561677 Merlot
561678 Patina
A370555 Dove Gray
A370556 Imperial Blue
A370673 Black
A370557 Forest Green
A370558 Taupe
$184.95 $184.95 $184.95 $184.95 $184.95 $184.95 $184.95 $184.95 $184.95
                                                                    Treatment Furniture
          DTS Bolster Set. Includes two knee bolsters and an ankle bolster. Lightweight to eliminate the need for flexion stool. Provides independent leg support.
966166     $38.99
Traction Table Bolsters. Durable aid for clinical or home use. Featuring independent bolsters to support each leg, this set is a fully functional, easy-to-use accessory. Constructed from precision cut, high-quality foam and encased in an easy-to-clean vinyl cover, it also features positioning straps on each bolster to provide easy repositioning. The Traction Table Knee Bolster Set provides positioning at height of 7” or 10.5” to ensure patient comfort during supine traction. For traction or positioning in the prone position, the 7” height is ideal for supporting and elevating the ankles to reduce tension in the hamstrings. Made in the U.S.A. Available in black; set of two knee bolsters.
081660158 $79.95
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     Treatment Furniture

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