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                                                                  Traction     Treatment Furniture
 Stabilizer Strap
Mobilization Strap
                                         Sammons Preston® Mobilization Straps. These are a smart choice when caregivers require straps that are length adjustable with pads for patient comfort. They are fabricated of strong, durable woven nylon. For lateral traction, the clinician applies the Extremity Mobilization Strap around the waist. For a secure attachment to most any treatment table, choose the optional Stabilization Clip. The Joint Distraction Cuff is designed for applying traction to the knee joint. Patient safety is ensured by using the Patient Stabilizer Strap during mobilizations. An Extremity Strap, Joint Distraction Cuff and Stabilizer Strap make up the Mobilization Set.
554365 Extremity Mobilization Set $171.00 554366 Patient Stabilizer Strap (8’ L) $76.00 554367 Joint Distraction Cuff $52.25 554370 Extremity Mobilization Strap (8’ L)
Occipivot. Used by physical
therapists, massage therapists
and chiropractors to treat soft
tissue issues related to the spine.
Based on the progressive increments
of time and gravity, it strengthens
muscles to help maintain healthy spinal
alignment. Concentrating on the Occiput (back
of the head), the Occipivot can be used to treat tension and stress syndromes in the head and cervical area, including headaches, Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ), cervical syndrome and tension at the base of the skull.
561885 Occipivot $45.40
Saunders® Lumbar Home Traction Device. Effective and affordable home lumbar traction device provides
up to 200 lbs. of traction
with handheld pump control. Folds to only 23” x 24” x 3” for easy storage and portability. Weighs only 16 lbs. 3954 $699.95
Sammons Preston® Joint Mobilization Belt. Mobilization and stabilization are key to treatment of
joint disorders. This belt
addresses those needs
and adjusts easily to fit
the patient. For a quick
adjustment, simply use
the buckle to connect and
disconnect the ends of belt. Nylon
strap is 8’L. To enhance comfort, choose the optional neoprene pad.
081628064 Joint Mobilization Belt $18.31
081628072 Pad for Mobilization Belt
ModpodTM Clinical
Cervical Traction Device.
Modpod is the first and only de- vice dedicated to “clinical cervical distraction” and the first and only portable, battery-
operated device to
deliver intermittent
traction, give ac-
cess to patients for
manual engagement
and offer all of the
adjustable parameters at a
fraction of the cost of full spine systems. Patented “cervical suspen- sion” creates more treatment positions and options. Promotes safe working practices for health care professionals as well as a profes- sional image, and can be used while plugged into the wall and recharging. Two-year limited warranty.
• 1 ModpodTM unit
• 1 shoulder support cushion • 3 head support pads: 10°
pad, 15° pad and 20° pad
081695410 $4,079.00
• 1 head halter
• 1 power supply kit
• 1 patient switch
• 1 CD user manual
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