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        IontoPatch® 80
Treats most areas including elbows, knees, wrists, feet and shoulders. 80mA-min. 14-hour average patient wear time.*
Treats most areas including elbows, knees, wrists, feet and shoulders. 80mA-min. 4-hour av- erage patient wear time.*
IontoPatch® SP
Treats smaller areas including fingers and Achilles tendon. 40mA-min. 14-hour average patient wear time.*
IontoPatch Extra Strength®
Stronger dose (120mA-min)
for more aggressive yet safe treatment. Treats most areas including elbows, knees, wrists, feet and shoulders. 120mA- min. 8-hour average patient wear time.*
      Item No.         Description Price
    A939650       IontoPatch® 80, Box of 6
564091       IontoPatchSTAT®. Box of 6
922640       IontoPatch® SP. Box of 6
550936       IontoPatch Extra Strength®. Box of 6
I-BresisTM Hybrid Iontophoresis System Designed to accelerate drug delivery through hybrid iontophoresis technology. For medica- tions with positive or negative polarity.
• I-Bresis Patch’s built-in batteries and ergonomic design allow fast application and fill-and-go efficiency. May be used with or without the dose controller.
• I-Bresis Dose Controller Delivery flexibility allows clinicians to select the perfect treatment combination for each individual patient.
• I-Bresis Charging Station Keeps the dose controllers charged between uses.
Item No.         Description         Price 7100176       I-Bresis Patch Box Of 6     DJO Specialty     $65.00 7100177       I-Bresis Dose Controller     DJO Specialty     $95.00 7100178       I-Bresis Charging Station     DJO Specialty     $205.00
$52.75 $64.85 $52.75 $80.05
                       Companion 80TM Technical Specifications
Approx. Fill Volume Active Area Maximum Dosage Conductive Element Treatment Time Voltage
1.1 cc
6.45 cm2
80 mA-min. Silver-Silver Chloride 24 hours
1.5 volts
Companion 80TM Wireless Iontophoresis System. Wireless system allows patients to receive the benefits of iontophoresis while continuing their daily activities. Key features include:
• Current-regulating circuitry compensates for differences and changes in skin resistance.
• Dose cutoff switch is activated at 80mA-min.
• Reserve battery capacity allows for long electrode
life (no expiration date).
• Short circuit protection ensures quality drug
• Adhesive is flexible and conformable.
553848 Companion 80 (Six electrodes, saline vials and alcohol preps) $59.55
454727 Vial Venting System $4.30
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