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    Hydrogel Electrode LED Intelligent Processor
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No saline needed
                                                 Ionto Plus. Featuring a larger
adhesive area than competitive
iontophoresis electrodes as well
as a unique Silver-Silver Chloride
conductor (superior to carbon) for
better drug delivery. Synthetic gel offers
better adhesion than Karaya and provides
maximum current dispersion for increased patient
comfort. And because no water is needed to activate adhesive, there’s no risk of contamination by water impurity. Additionally, syn- thetic buffering provides consistent pH balancing and helps prevent the effect of hydrolysis. Made in the U.S.A.
081683846 Small, 1.5cc, 12/bx. $90.00 081683853 Medium, 2.5cc, 12/bx. $92.00 081683861 Large, 4.0cc, 12/bx. $95.00
ActivaPatch®. A technologically advanced, self-contained, smart iontophoretic drug delivery system designed for the delivery of nega- tively charged ionic solutions.
Features include:
• 2.0cc fill volume
• No saline fill required
• Six operating volts equals faster delivery time to the patient
• No wires or mini-dose controllers required
• Intelligent microprocessor detects skin resistance before treatment
begins, detects open circuit if patch de-laminates from skin or
open circuit occurs, and memorizes treatment time if interrupted
• Interactive, flashing LED provides feedback for clinician and pa-
• Same patch delivers 40 mAmp*min. (1.25 hours) or 80 mAmp*
min. (2.5 hours) treatment
• Flexible and low profile that contours to multiple anatomical treat-
ment sites
• Box of 6 081516608 $85.00
Unique design
conforms extremely well to uneven treatment sites. Delivers ions with a precise pH balance up to 80 mA/min. Features of these electrodes include:
• Maximum strength, precise buffering with new Carbon-Ag/AgCl technology
• Large ground electrode surface area lowers sensation and increases comfort
• Highly absorbent drug matrix–no messy hydrogel
• Large surface adhesion area
• Butterfly ideal for use on upper extremities, as well as treatment
sites such as the Achilles Tendon
568743 Small, 1.5cc, Box of 12 $73.15 568744 Medium, 2.0cc, Box of 12 $80.50 568745 Large, 3.5cc, Box of 12 $92.50 568748 Butterfly, 2.0cc, Box of 12 $80.50
081683879 Butterfly, 2.0cc, 12/bx.
  ActivaDose® II Device. Has two controls that operate dose and current. Dose range from 0 to 4 mA-min. with 0.1 MA*min. incre- ments. Automatic current ramp up and down for maximum comfort. Pause feature with memory treatment time. Time calculations are performed automatically and recalculated if dose and current set- tings are changed.
568747 ActivaDose® II Device 568749 Replacement Lead Wires
$393.95 $60.65
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547
fax 1.800.547.4333

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