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                                   MyoTrac Infiniti®. Offers 2 channels
of surface electromyography (SEMG),
2 channels of STIM and 2 channels of SEMG-Triggered STIM. The clinical system includes BioGraph Infiniti software, which combines dynamic graphics with analysis and reporting functions.
Additional MyoTrac Infiniti features:
• Touch screen
• Over 100 pre-programmed protocols
• Print out sheets to document patient progress • Patient lock feature
Pathway MR 20 and
MR 25 EMG Units.
Clinical units feature
continuous operation
or work/rest prompts;
automatic data storage;
computer output
PathwayTM Utilities/
Compliance software
for data download and
real-time graphics; and
functional electrical
stimulator interface.
Goal types: Above Tone, Below Tone, Above Stim, Below Stim, Maximum Display with Marker and Matrixed Audio Tone and A/B Ratio. Includes a 9-Volt battery, 4 electrodes, serial output with cable for PC interface and carrying case. MR 20 features an alpha/numeric LCD display and the MR 25 features a tri-color LED display.
2938 MR 20 $1,510.00
MyoTrac Infiniti (SEMG, STIM and EMG-Triggered STIM) MyoTrac Infiniti Clinical (same as 563729, but includes BioGraph Infiniti software)
Rectal Sensor/Stimulator
$1,913.89 $2,989.81
$80.01 $67.70
922131 MR 25
 Vaginal Sensor/Stimulator
  Pathway EMG Trainers. The TR10 (single channel) and TR20 (dual channel) are home/ clinic EMG units featuring continuous opera- tion or work/rest prompts and LED visual displays. Goal types include: Above Tone, Below Tone and Matrixed Audio Tone and A/B Ratio for Dual Channel Systems. 9-volt battery and carry case included. Additional features of the TR10C and TR20C are auto-lock for unsupervised patient use; au- tomatic data storage; computer output; and Pathway Utilities/Compliance Software for data download only.
Myotrac T4000P. Portable, reliable EMG unit features three sensitivity ranges and preamplifica- tion at the treatment site to ensure an extremely clean signal. Provides immediate feedback on muscle activity through a bright 13 segment light-bar and a proportional tone. Key features: alarm function, lock function and the ability to set the bandpass for wide or narrow placement, above and below threshold for tonal feedback. 922296 Myotrac T4000P $751.05
  2937 TR10C 293701 TR10 293301 TR20 293302 TR20C
$569.00 $461.00 $813.00
  Yarlap® with AutoKegel®. Technology is muscle stimulator for toning a woman’s pelvic floor muscles. Product is cleared for OTC or script sale. Treats female inconti- nence; stress, urge and mixed. Also, is an easy to use postpartum device for pelvic floor rehabilitation. Drug Free, Non-Surgical device.
7101358 Complete kit $299.00 7101359 Vaginal Electrode $29.00
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