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 EasytrodeTM Pregelled Electrodes.
External pelvic muscle EMG electrodes. Square, single snap. Package of 300. 7005350 Easyrode Electrodes, Single Snap, Bag of 150 $75.75
                                 Modalities Biofeedback
                                                    PathwayTM Stim 10. This vaginal and rectal intracavity stimulator has four fre- quencies (12.5Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz), four duty cycles (5/5, 5/10, 10/10, 10/20), and six treatment times (5–30 minutes in incre- ments of 5 minutes). Features a time-used display for patient compliance, protocol storage, tactile buttons for enhanced con- trol and a convenient 9-volt battery. 553948 $540.35
PathwayTM Vaginal/Rectal Sensors and Stimulators. Detect electromyographic activity of the pelvic musculature for the purpose of rehabilitating weak pelvic muscles and/or re- storing neuromuscular control. A tab at the base of each sensor guides insertion and removal. Sensors can be used with any PathwayTM EMG unit by connecting the plug to a Universal Adapter, sold separately, which allows connection to the PathwayTM Preamplifier. Vaginal and Rectal EMG/Stimulation sensors are compatible with and legally marketed for all high imped- ance EMGs and most intracavity stimulators.
2939 Vaginal/Rectal Sensor $82.80
2949 Vaginal EMG/Stimulator 2959 Rectal EMG/Stimulator
$76.75 $76.75
    PathwayTM Preamplifier. EMG pa- tient lead wire for the EMG Clinical Units, EMG Clinical Unit System Configurations, and patient units. 922134 $328.25
PathwayTM Adapter. To adapt the pelvic muscle EMG channel of the EMG Clinical Units, EMG Clinical Unit System Configurations, and patient units to the Pathway Vaginal/Rectal Sensors. 293901 $106.05
24” Electrode Lead Wire Set.
External pelvic muscle EMG lead wires.
294602BAL $65.60
PathwayTM Electrodes.
920061 $156.55
Triode Electrodes.
922301 $139.85
Disposable lead wire electrodes. Pack of 75. 081707157 $215.00
UniGel Electrodes. Pre-gelled single electrodes. 100/pk. 922300 $58.01
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