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                                  Wound & Scar Care     Suture & Debridement Kits
     Wound & Scar Care
  Deluxe Suture Removal Kits. Single use, disposable package. Kit contains quality instruments; Adson forceps, Iris scissors, 2” x 2” 8-ply gauze pad and alcohol prep pad. Box of 50 kits.
550335 $207.05
Suture Removal Kits. Contains a pair of straight Iris scissors, one forcep, one 3” x 3” (7.6 x 7.6cm) gauze pad and a CSR wrap. Sold in a box of 50 kits.
A37181 $225.05
    Sharp Debridement Kit. Contains a
CSR wrap tray, sterile saline bottle, a
polybacked drape, one pair of cuffed
latex gloves, a #15 scalpel, one pair
of sharp/blunt O.R. scissors, an Adison
tissue forcep, an alcohol prep pad, two cotton-tipped applicators, a specimen label, measuring guide, four 4” (10cm) square gauze patches and one underpad. A37182 $23.05
Suture Removal Kit. Disposable sterile suture removal kits offer convenience and extra protection against cross infection. Plastic tray provides sterile field. Removable Tyvek lid. Includes plastic scissors and 4” forceps, gauze sponge. Case of 50. 560815 $73.70
Dressing Change Kit. Contains
a sterile saline bottle, two pairs of cuffed latex gloves, dressing change labels, two cotton-tipped applicators, a poly-backed towel, four 4” (10cm) square gauze patches, one tray, a waste bag and tie and a CSR wrap. A37183 $13.25
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547
Sterile Debridement Kit. Individual kit includes one each of the following: Iris 4.75 with pp scissors, forceps thumb tissue 5 wire, #15 scalpel SS blade, gauze 3” x 3” 12 ply, PVP Iodophor prep pad med., alcohol prep pad med. and pair of synthetic PF gloves. Latex free.
965225 $14.45
fax 1.800.547.4333
Sharps Container. Provides for safe disposal of sharps. Container lock for final disposal. Safe to autoclave or incinerate. Quart size is portable and fits into blood drawing trays.
081469824 Gallon $17.00 081680057 Quart $5.65

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