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                                   Wound Care Accessories
Wound & Scar Care
    Powder-Free/Latex-Free Gloves. These gloves look and feel like latex with a barrier performance equal to that of a latex glove. Box of 100.
525001 Small $27.45
525002 Medium $27.55 525003 Large $27.65
     Disposable Stainless Steel Scalpel, Sterile. Features an ergonomically de- signed ABS plastic handle for better feel and precision. Box of 10.
Iris Scissors. Stainless steel, floor grade 41/2”. Straight or curved. Disposable. Latex free.
56692901 Straight, 12/box
56692902 Curved, 12/box
56692701 #10 56692703 #15
$20.70 $20.70
$23.20 $23.20
Disposable Measuring Device. Flexible, crystal-clear product facilitates accurate measurement of complex contours. Displays metric, inch measurements. Safe, single-use design eliminates cleanup. Box of 250. 500889 $29.17
   Adson Thumb Forceps. Stainless steel, floor grade 43/4”. Disposable.
Sterile Fields. 18” x 26” polyester tissue creates a sterile area for wound treatment. Box of 50. Latex free.
554613 $29.25
Foam Tip Measuring Device. Soft foam- tipped applicator with measuring scale printed on the plastic shaft. Flexible to conform to wound shape.
568019 Non-Sterile $31.35 568020 Sterile $59.20
56692801 Serrated, 12/box
              Metal, Sterile Staple Remover.
StingFreeTM Alcohol-Free Liquid Skin Prep & Shield. New formu- lation; now dries faster and with improved protection! StingFree offers no-sting, alcohol-free protection for up to 72 hours. Forms a quick-drying, transparent protective film between skin and urine or feces. Aids in the prevention of skin maceration. 7101265 Sting-Free Pads, 50/bx.
Removes surgical skin staples with ease. Comfortable grip. Smooth operating. Disposable.
56693001 12/case
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    Wound & Scar Care

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