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 MCP Width
 21/2” – 3” (6.4 – 7.6cm)
 3” – 31/2” (7.6 – 8.9cm)
  31/2” – 4” (8.9 – 10.2cm)
                                   Wound & Scar Care   Padding A526030
                    Carpal Gel Sleeve
and Pads. For place-
ment directly over
carpal tunnel post-
operative scar area.
Adhesive-backed carpal
gel pads provide the
protection of the sleeve
while allowing custom
placement. Reduces
discomfort caused by
hypersensitivity. Can be worn under gloves and/or splints.
Carpal Gel Sleeve
A526034 Sleeve, Universal A526031 S/M Sleeve, Left A526033 L/XL Sleeve, Left A526030 S/M Sleeve, Right A526032 L/XL Sleeve, Right Carpal Gel Pad
A526036 Pkg. of 3
Rolyan® Gel Shell® Splint. Outer fabric pro-
vides barrier against trauma, while inner pad helps disperse the energy from external pressure and provides gentle pressure on the incision site of a carpal tunnel release to help desen-
sitize and prevent hypertrophic scar formation. Hand wash; air dry.
$26.55 $29.25 $31.30 $29.25 $31.30
Pressure Relief
Padding. 3/16” gel
thickness. Peel-and-
stick backing. Can be
used as a replacement
for moleskin or felt
products. Excellent for use with custom ankle foot orthosis devices. Perfect for cushion protection in hand splints.
832901 4” x 36” $45.40 832902 8” x 36” $55.50
Malleolar Gel
Sleeve. Provides mild
compression to help
reduce swelling in
and around the ankle.
Designed with 2 gel
pads on either side
that comfortably con-
form over the ankle to
moisturize the skin while cushioning and protecting the ankle area. Can be worn with shoes, athletic footwear, ski boots, skates and cleats.
A526070 $26.25
                           Heel/Elbow Slip Over. Contours around the heel or elbow to protect the area from pressure, friction and shear forces. Aids in the healing and skin conditioning of dry, cracked heels and elbows. Heel sleeve can be used in conjunction with pressure relief products to protect the skin. Elbow sleeve provides ulnar nerve protection.
834701 S/M 834703 L/XL 559903 XXL
$20.75 $21.90 $22.50
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547
fax 1.800.547.4333
  Wound & Scar Care

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