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                                   Silicone Dressings Wound & Scar Care
Visco-Gel® Products. Formulated to deliver skin-hydrating natural mineral oils, nourishing vitamins, additives and antioxidants to the skin. These mineral-based viscoelastic compounds are 100% medical grade, non-allergenic and dermatologist tested. Mineral oil is exuded consis- tently throughout the product lifetime. Hand wash; air dry.
    Visco-Gel® Digital Caps.
Absorb pressure and friction to protect and cushion various toe ailments. 6/pk.
Ribbed. Offers most stretch.
56095101 S/M 56095102 L/XL 56095103 XXL
$29.95 $35.60 $38.25
 Mesh. Most compressive.
Visco-Gel® Tubing. Soft, elasticized tubes are fully lined to cushion, absorb pressure and pro- vide all-around digital protection. Helps relieve pain from corns, toe and nail problems. Ribbed tubes offer most stretch, and mesh fabric is most compressive. 3/pk.
56095601 Ribbed Narrow 3/4” $21.45 56095602 Ribbed Wide 1” $21.45 560957 Mesh Narrow 3/4” $21.45
56095301 S/M 56095302 L/XL
$33.90 $35.60
Knit. Features no seam.
56095201 S/M 56095202 L/XL 56095203 XXL
$35.00 $39.25 $39.65
    Visco-Gel® Squares. Clear sheet of oil-based polymer gel can be used anywhere on the body to absorb pressure, moisturize skin and improve elas- ticity. The non-adhesive versions must be held in place by cover or wrap. 2 sheets per package. 560961 4” $21.45
Rolyan® Scar Pump.
Use following tendon repair, grafting, when skin adhesions limit motion, or when active motion, light resistance and scar massage are appropriate treatment methods. Latex free. A8391 $23.20
Self-Adhesive Silicone Sheets. 2.5” x 3” silicone sheets fit easily over any part of the body. Fabric cover is anti-odor and antimicrobial material. One sheet per package. 560965 With Fabric Cover $12.35
560966 With Clear Top Layer $12.35
Cica-CareTM Silicone Gel Sheets. Help reduce size and erythema
of hypertrophic and keloid scars resulting from burns, trauma and surgery. For use over closed wounds. 10/pk.
551299 $785.00
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    Wound & Scar Care

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