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                                                                 Massage Creams & Lotions
Massage & Wellness
Palmer’s® Cocoa Butter. Naturally rich for soft tissue lubrication and retrograde massage. Moisturizes dry, chapped skin.
A64131 3.5 oz. $11.30
69003 7.25 oz. $14.10
 Palmer’s® Cocoa Butter Formula Concentrated Cream.
Moisturizer for dry, chapped skin. Effective for soft tissue/retrograde massage, stretch marks, scars and blemishes.
A64130 3.75 oz. $11.10
Palmer’s® Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion. From Palmer’s, a name known for quality for over 160 years. Rich, moisturizing lotion is fast absorbing, non-greasy and contains 100% pure cocoa butter and vitamin E to heal and soften rough, dry skin. Also smoothes un- attractive marks and scars. Available in a convenient pump dispenser with labeling in English, French and Spanish.
7100174 $10.63
 Resta® Lite Lotion.
Petroleum-based lo- tion penetrates the skin to form a thin, long-lasting moisture barrier. Helps retain the skin’s natural moisture. Can be used with pressure gar- ments. 8-oz. pump. A6411 $18.02
  RockRub®. RockRub is an all-natural skin emollient, ideal to soothe and repair dam- aged skin and as a lubricant for soft tissue work (including instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, or IASTM). 081686427 $35.00
081686435 $25.00
 Free-Up® Soft Tissue Massage Cream. Noted for its excellent glide, lubricity and tissue perception. Ideal for scar and connective tissue mobilization, trigger point and deep myofascial massage. Unscented and contains no beeswax. 8319 8 oz. $21.20
831916 16 oz. $32.30
568653 Dispenser carton, 50/bx. $99.95
Nivea® Cream. Ultra-moisturizing cream that contains soothing panthenol. Softens the skin during soft tissue or scar massage. 6.8-oz. (193g) jar.
A64150 $14.90
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Resta® Creme. Quickly penetrates skin to hold over 90% of water in skin cells for over 12 hours. Sensitivity free with no active ingredients, water, fragrances or preservatives. Waterproof. Latex free. 55032501 3.8-oz. jar $18.02 55032503 16-oz. jar $38.11 55032504 2.8-oz. tube $12.61
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