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  SoloMAX Massage Tool. This unique self-massage tool offers the user multiple attachment options for different types of aches and pains. The smooth roller wheel attachment provides a soothing rolling massage of sore and tired soft tissue. The 1” acupressure knob gives a more in- tense direct pressure of tight trigger points. A third option is the Three- Finger Scratcher for hard-to-reach places. Features a quick-release tab, so tool can easily be folded up for convenient travel.
558154 $31.13
  Thera Cane® Massager. Applies deep pressure massage to sore muscles. Can be used while standing, sitting or lying down. Most- effective relief is obtained by combining deep pressure massage and a muscle stretching program. Includes illustrated instruction book of massage techniques and stretching exercises. Two-year guarantee. A811600 $49.00
The Original Jacknobber® II – Amethyst Purple. Hand-held massage tool has knobs at each of its four points to apply deep pressure to muscular trigger points. The smaller knobs provide deeper, more intense pressure. The larger knobs provide broader, gentler pressure. Use one, two or three knobs at a time. Color may vary. Latex free.
922286 $11.65
The Original Index Knobber® II. Ergonomically designed massage tool allows the user to apply deep, sus- tained and precise pressure to trigger points and sore muscles. Color: purple. Latex free. 922288 $11.65
Essential Oils Lavender. Lavandula angustifolia, used for antiviral, menstrual cramps, antibiotic, insomnia, burns, dry skin, anti-inflammatory, bronchitis, muscle pain, decongestant, analgesic, nausea, acne, headache, relaxant, antidepressant, anti-fungal, asthma, digestion, bactericide, calming and normalizing purposes. 100% pure, undiluted and can easily be added to your favorite lotion, creme or oil. 1/2-oz. bottle.
928669 $24.24
The Original Backnobber IITM. Deep muscle therapy device con- structed of reinforced, polymeric resins. Hook the Backnobber over the shoulder or under an arm, and use it as leverage to apply deep pressure to trigger points in the muscles of the neck, shoulders or back. Includes user guide.
     922287 $35.90
  The Massage Therapist’s Thumb.
Reduces pressure on the carpometacarpal joint and thumb. Great for trigger point work. Comfortable grip allows tool to be- come an extension of thumb and hand.
Original Hold
Reverse Hold
568319 Small/Medium 568320 Large/X-Large
$31.70 $31.70
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Finger Tip Hold
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