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   G5® GBM. Provides 15–55 CPS. Ergonomically designed to reduce hand vibration. Use the G5 GBM massager for home use or light-duty clinic only. Accessories include: one 4-ball ap- plicator; one 2-ball applicator; one pointed-tip applicator; one large 5"D firm rubber applicator; one curved sponge applicator; 25 medium disposable applicator covers and
25 large disposable applicator covers. Input power: 90–240 VAC 50/60 Hz Weight: 3.6 lbs.
Dimensions: 10"L x 4"W x 4"H 081518901 $1,235.00
G5TM Model GK-3® Massager/Percussor.
 • Large spoon applicator
• 31/2"D multiple-prong ap-
• Pointed-tip applicator
• 4-ball applicator
• Large, round firm rubber applicator
• 5" diameter curved sponge applicator
• 25 medium disposable applicator covers • 25 large disposable applicator covers 561458 $1,963.00
                                     Massage & Wellness   Massagers
   Jeanie Rub® Massagers. Ideal for personal heath, fitness and sports massage. Provides deep- penetrating action that safely relaxes tight muscles and stimu- lates circulation for all body types. Variable-Speed Massager:
• 1400–4600 RPM
• Lower speeds deliver a more soothing massage, while faster
speeds are more invigorating
• Features an easily adjustable switch placed conveniently near
your fingertips
965140 $280.65
Massage StarTM. The wedge on the top of the tool performs muscle-stripping and cross-fiber friction. The wide and narrow points perform trigger point therapy and reflexology. Works very well with massage creams and oils. Comes with an instruc- tional DVD and booklet. 081507649 Original, 11 oz.
081507656 XL, 16 oz.
MiniPro Massager. The same
quality and performance that
hundreds of thousands of users
have trusted for over 20 years!
Used around the world in both
clinical and home environments,
the MiniPro is a professional-grade
massager made for durability and
effectiveness that delivers a strong
massage with no work for the
user. Easy to hold and maneuver,
over 95% of the output is directed through the massage spheres, eliminating feedback through the handle. Designed to reach areas like shoulders, hamstrings and mid-back, it’s ideal for self-care as well as treating others. Three electronically controlled speed settings at 20, 30 and 40 pulses per second; may be adjusted for personal preference. Class 1 FDA medical device. Stroke: 0.24" (6.0 mm). Includes 12-ft. power cord.
081686609 MiniPro Massager $308.95
MaxiPro Massager. The authentic deep tissue massager, originally designed for clinical use and ideal
for warming up muscles prior to chi- ropractic adjustment. Eight massage spheres cover a broad area making it ideal for large muscle groups—a full body massage takes only 5–8 minutes. MaxiPro is designed to direct 95%
of its energy into patient muscles, so there’s virtually no feedback
on therapist's hands. Plus, there’s no need for oils or lotions. Works through clothing for use in all clinical and professional environments. This product offers limited use for self-massage. Class 1 FDA medical device. Variable speed: 18–35 pulses/sec.; stroke: 0.25" (6.4 mm). Includes 12-ft. power cord and carrying bag.
081686617 MaxiPro Massager $501.95
 Infrared Massager. Penetrating infrared heat that relieves minor muscle pain. The product is light- weight and comfortable to use, and includes high and low temperature settings with two infrared light bulbs. 081700905 $28.95
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