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                                 Exercise Supplies     Upper Extremity Workstations & Saebo
                 Sammons Preston® Upper Extremity Workstations.
Four-sided design makes optimal use of limited therapy space, encourages social interaction among clients and permits many activities to be performed while sitting or standing.
Workstation features: Two wheelchair-accessible, height-and angle-adjustable side shelves; slide-out rear shelf suitable for a seated client; lockable double doors for security; two pairs of height-adjustable interior shelves. Sturdy construction with durable Formica® work surfaces. Smooth-rolling, locking casters for easy mobility. Measures 38”L x 24”D x 39”H closed. Latex free.
Complete Upper Extremity Workstation includes the following:
5083 - Bilateral Sander
5312 - Manipulation Board
1498 - Stacking Cones
8180 - Graded Pegboard
2285 - Shoulder Abduction Ladder 5293 - Extend Your Reach Exerciser 5189 - Shoulder Exercise Ladder 5291 - Graded ROM Arc
A7251 - E-Z Exer-board
5329 - Two-Tiered Horizontal Bolt
Board Finger Extension Remedial
Upper Extremity Station (station only) $1,897.19
     Exercise Supplies
  Compact in front, with a slide-out rear shelf suitable for sitting or standing activities.
Lead weights add resistance to the Wrist Twist.
 SaeboGlide. A practical home or clinic device used for indications like stroke, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy or hemiparesis. Exercise the involved arm by using the gliding sleeve in all planes of movement. The SaeboGlide Plus accom- modates those with poor or no hand function through use of a custom hand-strapping system. Includes easy-to-read instruction manual. Weighs 21/2 lbs.
Wrist Twist. Enables clinicians to create a personalized program of progressive finger and wrist strengthening. Wood construction supports a dowel rod for prona- tion and supination exercises; a vertical handle is also mounted for ulnar and radial deviation. Apply progressive resistance with four lead weights (included) attached to a nylon rope. The Wrist Twist is designed to be mounted with C-clamps on most surfaces. Portable, for multiple clinical sites. Latex free.
5215 $232.58
fax 1.800.547.4333
SaeboGlide $73.50 SaeboGlide Plus $91.45
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547

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