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                                 Exercise Supplies   Upper Extremity
    Dystrophile® Stress Loading Device. A stress-loading program for treatment of reflex sympathetic dystrophy. Provides a structured resistive exercise program that grades duration and resistance up to 12 lbs. A timer and light are activated as soon as the patient reaches the preset resistance. Mat sold separately.
A7371 $430.82
Exercise Metronome. Provides a rhythmic cadence that produces a steady beat to help you maintain an established tempo during exercises. Capable of playing beats from 30 to 250 beats per minute (BPM). Beat is auditorial and/or visual. 2.25”H x 4”W. Two AAA batteries included.
562739 $33.30
Exercise Supplies
  Holding Mitt. Soft vinyl is comfortable and durable. Can be used effectively with a hand that has poor grasp due to limited ROM or muscle strength. Fits either hand. For sizing, measure from wrist to tip of middle finger. Latex free.
5011 Small, 9” $16.15 5018 Medium, 101/4” $22.00 5025 Large, 11” $17.12
Forearm Workout.
A simple and effec- tive way to increase forearm pronation and supination, ROM, strength and endur- ance. Includes three 8-oz. weights. Foam- cushioned handle distributes pressure evenly to allow firm grasp.
960632 $59.94
Push-Up Blocks. High-density, 81/2”H x 5”W base with nonskid rubber feet on bottom. Adjustable metal legs vary in height from 6” to 8”. Slip-resistant, contoured rubber hand grips. Set of two. Latex free.
5335 $154.62
  Functional Grip Push-Up
Blocks. Comes with spacers to
adjust height from 7” to 9”. Underside features no-slip pads. Set of two. Latex free. 2657 $138.77
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