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      CanDo® Dynamic Stretching Strap.
Made with elastic pockets that allow the user to ease into a stretch. Designed for “facilitated stretching”, an active form of stretching that uses isometric contrac- tions to achieve greater flexibility than from static stretching.
561950 $22.20
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                                                               Exercise Supplies
                    TheraBand® Stretch Strap. This strap helps improve flexibility and ROM during rehabilitation. It supports classic static stretches, and introduces more effective dynamic stretches. Varied loop sizes ideal for foot-related conditions. The elastic strap also features unique, numbered indicators between loops that offer feedback on prog- ress during in-clinic rehab and accurate instructions for home.
   RangeMasterTM StretchStrap. Stretching Aid and Patient Guide for triceps, arms, shoul- ders, outer thigh/hips, hamstrings, quad, calf and low back.
081624881 $13.90
081705094 $13.90
StretchRite. This patented system fea- tures a non-elastic strap for stretching and conditioning every major muscle group including your arms, shoulders, torso and legs—making it easy to per- form each stretch properly and effectively. 550104 $26.55
True Stretch. Provides
a contained stretching
area that allows users a
safe platform for stretching to increase flexibility and reduce the risk of injury. Eliminates the need for floor-based stretching or leaning uncomfortably over other equipment or an exercise ball. Comes with an easy-to-follow exercise placard that is organized by muscle groups, features 30 different stretching exercises and is displayed on the frame. 48”W x 87”H x 56”D.
969150     $2,574.77
         AeromatTM Yoga Strap. 8’L x 1.5”W with buckle.
A96638 $20.80
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     Exercise Supplies

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