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   Extra thick mat when extra protection is needed
                                                               Exercise Supplies
Exercise Mats
      CanDo® Exercise Mats. Extra-thick closed- cell mats are great for home use. Cando® cushioned exercise mats offer superior comfort, quality and durability, yet are light- weight and sturdy enough for commercial use in health and fitness clubs. Made of colorful, non-leaching, soft and resilient closed-cell foam material, CanDo® mats are waterproof and sanitary. Mat can even be used as a pool float. Perfect for exercise, yoga and Pilates-style workouts. Unlike Cando® resistive products, mat color is aes- thetic and does not indicate varying levels of firmness.
564479 Red $71.14 564480 Green $71.14 564481 Blue $71.14
Jumbo Mat. Soft, 4” thick mat provides
a cushioned, resilient surface. Excellent for active gross motor movements. Made of lightweight foam with durable, coated-nylon fabric covering. Vented sides release pres- sure from air buildup. Latex free.
AeromatTM Yoga Mat Y14-2472. Slip and stretch resistant, closed-cell mat is 72”L x 24”W x 1/4” thick.
A96636 Teal $66.65
A96637 Purple $66.65 Ideally suited for heavy-duty
institutional use 2227A
Urethane Exercise Mat. Smooth, un- tufted covering will not tear. Reinforced handles eliminate tearing from sidewalls. Filler is 2” thick urethane soft foam, ap- propriate for floor exercises. Sewn with superior strength nylon thread, reinforced at all stress points for extra durability and coated with 21-oz. vinyl. Can be rolled for storage. Latex free.
AeromatTM Mat RS34-2372. Ribbed/ smooth closed-cell mat is 72”L x 23”W x 5/8” thick.
561374 Blue
561375 Black
$117.20 $117.20
   2793A     48”W x 84”L 2793C     60”W x 120”L
$354.15 $689.85
Universal Folding Exercise Mat. Made from antibacterial materials and coated with 21-oz. vinyl. Ideally suited for heavy- duty institutional use, such as vigorous floor exercises. Does not bottom out under the heaviest use. Mat is filled with 2” 100 ILD (in-load deflection) solid foam, yet is light- weight and folds in half for easy storage. Reinforced handles for easy transport.
Latex free.
2211     4’ x 6’ 2211B     4’ x 7’ 2211C     5’ x 7’ 2211F     6’ x 10’
 2227A     4’ x 6’ 2227B     4’ x 7’ 2227C     5’ x 7’ 2227E     6’ x 8’
$248.90 $265.75 $325.45 $389.80
$282.45 $321.70 $381.05
  Economy Exercise Mat. Comfortable, thin surface protects body during short exercise periods. Lightweight, foam filled. Solar vinyl cover wipes with damp cloth. 72”L x 24”W x 1”H. Light blue. 100% polyethylene. Latex free.
5342 $53.90 360
Therapy Mats. Economy therapy mats are versatile and available in 6 sizes. 2” thick, 100-lb. density foam with durable 14-oz. vinyl cover, impervious to fluids and easy to clean. Whether in home, school or rehabilitation, this mat is excellent for basic therapy and exercises. UPS oversize shipping. Latex free.
2210A 2’ x 4’ $103.77
2210B     2’ x 5’ 2210C     2’ x 6’ 2210D     4’ x 4’ 2210E     4’ x 5’ 2210F     4’ x 6’
$122.63 $142.33 $171.05 $206.86 $219.13
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     Exercise Supplies

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