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                                                              Exercise Cardio Unweighting Systems
     Exercise Cardio
   PhysioGait Dynamic Unweighting System. An affordable, medical-grade training device featuring a quiet, battery-powered lift
system. PhysioGait helps to maintain proper posture, reduces load, eliminates balance problems and improves motor coordination training. Unique harness is designed for uni- or bi-lateral support of the body as well as for a gradual level change from fully loaded to fully unloaded. The device allows for a manual controlled treatment of lower limbs and pelvis to ensure proper movement. Overall dimensions: 48”L x 35.4”W (39”W XL Base) x 93”H. Inside base width: 30.7” (Standard Base) and 39” (XL Base). Includes one Size L harness (42.5–46.8” chest size). Warranty: 3 years frame, 3 years actuator, 1 year harness, 1 year electrical and 3 months battery. Treadmill sold separately. 081698133 Standard base $10,879.00
7100337     Extra large base $10,879.00
        GlideTrakTM. This versatile unweighting system removes impact to allow pain-free, functional exercise and gait training over any treadmill. It is ideal for sports and orthopedic therapy, neurological rehabilitation, fitness and cross training, geriatric conditions, weight loss and adaptive sport training. GlideTrak provides partial to full body unweighting, and meets doctor’s orders for: non-weight bearing, touch down weight bearing, partial (50% or less) weight bearing or weight bearing as tolerated. Its open frame design allows easy access to patients during treatment.
The unique, patented Pelvic Suspension system securely cradles the pelvis and lifts body weight with no pressure to sensitive perineal tissues. It provides 100% body support between each step, which allows patients to:
• Train with a single leg
• Gradually integrate an involved leg (differential training)
• Lift both legs to rest while fully supported by the seat
• The saddle assembly can be removed for ordinary treadmill use
The standard shoulder harness provides safe and secure exercise for balanced challenged patients. An optional balance harness upgrade offers added se- curity, comfort and postural control. It also allows the option of safe, regular treadmill use with or without the GlideTrak saddle assembly. The GlideTrak system is practical and affordable for clinical use, home programs and lifelong exercise. 89”H x 42.5”W x 52”L. Unweighting capacity: 350 lbs. Treadmill sold separately.
081601020     GlideTrakTM $6,399.00 081607316 Optional Balance Harness $655.35
Optional Balance Harness
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