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                                                                 Unweighting Systems Exercise Cardio Unweight patients functionally using Pneu-Weight® products.
   PneuWeightTM 2. This pneumatic unweighting system allows patients to perform therapeutic activities in an upright, functional position without altering gait patterns. Cantilevered design provides unob- structed views and easy access to the patient. The new SmartBarTM enables you to deliver unilateral or side-specific unweighting. Remove an equal amount of weight or increase in 25% increments up to 100%. 360° rotation allows for multi-planar exercise. It can unweight from 0–300 lbs. in increments of one pound and support a 500-lb. patient. Features a 30” vertical oscillation; a safety mode which prevents falls if clients lose their balance, thereby increasing patient confidence during walking, running or balance activities; and an exer- cise mode which is used for large vertical movements such as jumping, stair climbing, retraining the sit-to-stand motion or lifting patients from wheelchairs. Includes the Gait Correction Package, featuring
a PneuGait Foot Strap, PneuGait Drop Foot Strap and a PneuGait Assist Band. A pneumatic compressor comes standard with each unit. Treadmill sold separately.
081599588 PneuWeight 2, Single, Analog Controls - Includes
two vests. Indicate sizes when ordering. $8,344.00 081599596 PneuWeight 2, Double, Analog Controls -
Includes three vests. Indicate sizes when ordering.
498804 Replacement Pneumatic Compressor $959.45
PneuWalkerTM Mobility Trainer. A lightweight, mobile unweighting system designed to control weight bearing, posture and balance on the ground or over a treadmill. It will lift up to 400 lbs. and unweight a 400-lb. patient, creating a pain-free or pain-tolerable en- vironment for most patients. It offers freedom from the fear of falling for both the patient and the therapist. It can be used for partial weight bearing or lifting patients from a wheel- chair, providing a safe and secure environment for mobility, rehab and gait training and can be adjusted to unweight unilaterally for hemiplegic conditions like stroke, muscular, musculoskeletal and orthopedic.
Its wheeled base is width adjustable and will accommodate a wide range of patients from Pediatric up to 6’6” tall. It fits through most doorways and over most treadmills. The casters lock securely for balance or treadmill training. A sturdy, simple analog control panel allows for controlled unweighting in 1-lb. increments. An on-board pneumatic compressor and battery will run the unit for up to 12 hours between overnight charges. Includes the Gait Correction Package featuring a PneuGait Foot Strap, PneuGait Drop Foot Strap, and a PneuGait Assist Band. Comes standard with the small, medium and large X-Heart vests.
081599604     Pneu-Walker Mobility Trainer, Analog Controls $10,499.00
          X-Heart Vests
   Vest Size
 Waist Size
   Vest Color
Floor Space
Inside Width (between posts) Outside Width
Maximum User Weight
PneuWeightTM, Single PneuWeightTM, Double
48”W x 50”D 7’10”–8’7” 3’6”
300 lbs.
48”W x 50”D 7’10”–8’7” 3’6”
300 lbs.
      Specifications for Pneu-Walker Unweighting Capacity
Inside Width (between posts) Width
Maximum User Weight
300 lbs. 59.5”–73.5” 22”–38.5” 26.5”–42.5” 400 lbs.
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