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  Reusable Penlight Flashlights. Ideal for motor evaluations, this reusable high-intensity diagnostic light has a focused beam lens, end lamp, and clip to prevent accidental battery discharge. Weighs less than one ounce. Includes 2 AAA (1.5v) batteries. Package of 6. Latex free.
4129 $19.95
6-Pack Disposable Pocket Penlights. High intensity with focused beam lens-end lamp, with convenient clip to prevent accidental discharge of the three AAA bat- teries (included) when carried in the pocket. Includes pupil gauge. Measures 5"L x 1"W (13 x 2.4 cm.) Weighs less than one ounce. Set of 6. Latex free. 927021 $17.15
High-Intensity Pen Light. High-quality, chrome- plated pen light has reusable lamp and bulb with an easy on-off switch. It measures 5"L (13 cm) with 0.5 diameter. Uses 2 AAA batteries (included).
563531 $19.95
                                                                    Evaluation     Blood Pressure Monitors & Penlights
                    Sammons Preston® Economy Penlights. Simple point-and- click method makes this disposable penlight an easy-to-use diagnostic tool. Includes clip for quick storage and access. Latex free. Package of 6.
081507359 $11.65
LifesourceTM UA1030T Talking One-Step Auto-Inflation Blood Pressure Monitor. To speed up readings, pressure levels can be preset to 180, 210 or 240, or set to automatic. The unit shuts off after four announcements of the measurement or may be stopped at any time by pressing the start button. Users can take three consecutive measurements and the unit will average the results. Features 90-memory recall, time and date stamp and movement error and cuff fit error indicators. Includes AC adapter and 4 AA batteries. Medium cuff fits 9.4"−14.2"
(24 cm−36 cm).
560009 $159.95
Omron® HEM907XL Blood Pressure Monitor.
Developed for pro- fessional use in
a clinical setting.
One-button oper-
ation allows quick,
easy blood pressure
and pulse measurements. Can
automatically take up to three readings, providing
the average for more accuracy. Quiet automatic inflation system senses the optimal inflation level for greater comfort. Requires 4 AA batteries or included AC adapter. Includes small cuff for 7"–9" (18–23 cm) arm, adult cuff for 9"–13" (23–33 cm) arm, large adult cuff for 13"–17" (33–43 cm) and extra-large adult cuff 17"–24" (43–61 cm) arm cir- cumferences. Latex free.
926681 $2,044.00
Omron® HEM907XL Mobile Floor Stand.
Easily transportable, the base of this steel stand measures 23"D (58 cm). Height adjusts from 22"– 40" (56–101 cm). A 4"W x 6"H x 6"D
(10 x 15 x 15 cm) basket provides convenient cuff storage for the HEM907 monitor. Blood Pressure Monitor and cuffs sold separately. 557041 $214.05
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