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                                                                 Blood Pressure Monitors Evaluation
      Omron® BP 742 Blood Pressure Monitor. Allows two users to monitor and track their readings separately in the stored memory. Exclusive technology automatically displays the average of up to the last 3 readings taken within the last 10 minutes. This monitor can detect irregular heartbeats while your blood pressure is being mea- sured. 30 memory storage for each person (60 total) with date and time stamp that allows you to review the last 30 readings with
a touch of a button. New expanded cuff size range. Adult cuff now fits 9"−17" (23 cm−43 cm). Large adult cuff fits 13" to 17" (33 cm−43 cm). 4 AA batteries included. 081570324 Monitor with Adult Cuff $131.95
Omron® 785 Blood Pressure Monitor. The calibration check system with dual sensors automatically double check each reading, providing you with added reassurance that each reading is accurate. Allows two users to monitor and track their readings separately in the stored memory. With the touch of a button, you can review an 8-week history of your weekly morning and evening blood pressure averages. This monitor can detect irregular heartbeats. Automatically takes three consecutive readings one minute apart and displays the average following the guidelines set by international recognized organizations for home blood pressure measurements. 200 memory storage or 100 memory storage for each person. Requires either 4 “AA” batteries or AC Adapter (included). Cuff size: 9"−17"
(23 cm−43 cm). Latex free.
081570365 $199.60
Omron® BP 710 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor.
Affordable, accurate and simple-to-use blood pressure monitor. The Omron BP710 features IntelliSense® Technology, one-touch operation, irregular heartbeat detection and it stores 14 read- ings in memory. Durable, contoured arm cuff fits standard arms 9"−17" (23−43 cm) in circumference.
081548023 $86.80
 081570332 Monitor with Adult Cuff and AC Adapter
   LifeSource UA789XL AC Bariatric Blood Pressure Monitor.
A blood pressure monitor with cuff that fits arms from 16.5"–23.6" (42–60 cm) in circumference. Perfect for weight lifters, body builders and football players, as well as bariatric patients. This unique blood pressure monitor contains a high-performance motor that can in- flate the giant AccuFit arm cuff at a comfortable rate to provide a fast and accurate reading. UA789 also has an irregular heartbeat feature, an extra-large display, a large illuminated start button and an AC adapter. Stores last 90 blood pressure and pulse rate mea- surements in memory. Operates with adapter or 4 AA batteries (not included). Dimensions 4.4"L x 6.4"W x 2.4"H (11 x 16 x 6 cm). Weighs 12.3 oz. without batteries.
563523 $268.80
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