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                                                                Matrix Ellipticals & Ascent Trainers     Exercise Cardio
    566576     E1x Elliptical 569065     E3x Elliptical 566575     E5x Elliptical 569072     E7xe Elliptical
$4,595.00 $5,995.00 $6,995.00
The 1x console has a large LED display that provides easy viewing and easy-to- use controls.
The 5x Console has an intuitive LED display. Compatible with iPod® for charging and includes a 3-speed personal fan.
566643     A3x Ascent Trainer® 566642     A5x Ascent Trainer® 569071     A7xe Ascent Trainer®
$7,995.00 $8,995.00
 MATRIX Ellipticals. The self-powered system provides cost sav- ings and freedom of placement within the facility. Constant Rate of Acceleration and a patented suspension design deliver a perpetually smooth motion – free of wheels and tracks. Contralateral action and tapered, dual action handlebars mimic the body’s true movement and proper fit. Ergo FormTM grips with integrated controls enhance com- fort and accessibility to key functions. The removable disk makes for quick access and easy serviceability. Stride length is 21” and step-on height is 9.5”. 7xe includes optional power cord.
MATRIX Ascent Trainers®. The variable incline and adjustable resistance make workouts more dynamic and motivating. Constant Rate of Acceleration is smooth and similar to true body movement, and stride lengths between 20”–24” mimic the user’s natural foot- path. Self-powered, cord-free system and maintenance-free drive result in cost savings and freedom of placement within the facility. Incline range of 24%–54% engages glutes, hamstrings and core sta- bilizer muscles. Ergo FormTM Grips with integrated controls enhance comfort and accessibility to key functions. Contoured dual-action handlebars provide total body workout that strengthens core mus- cles. Low, 9.5” step-on height makes for easy access. Removable disk allows quick access and easy serviceability.
  See page 46 for specifications.
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The 3x Console with LED display is easy to navigate for users of all experience levels.
The 7xe Console has a
15” touchscreen display
that incorporates FitTouch Technology for intuitive performance. Compatible with iPod® for video and audio playback, charging and on-screen playlist selection. Integrated 3-speed fan.
          Exercise Cardio

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