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      SportsArt E840 Foundation Series Elliptical. Adjustable stride length allows variability and customization to match any user and and a wireless Polar® HR receiver is built in to maximize heart rate programming. You can also choose from multiple language options (English, Spanish and French).
• Dual-action motion provides a total body workout
• 17”-26” electronically adjustable stride length allows the user to
find the stride that fits their body and workout style
• ZoneTrainerTM heart rate control programming allows the user to
train more effectively
• Vari-StrideTM program slowly varies stride length for greater calorie
burn and works multiple muscle groups in one session
• MyFlexTM peal cushioning system provides a comfortable
workout platform
081678317 $4,851.40
Life Fitness Activate Series Elliptical Cross-Trainer.
Part of the Activate Series, treadmills, cross-trainers and Lifecycle® exercise bikes are built to be durable and easy to use so ex- ercisers can get on and go. Suited for both new exercisers and workout veterans, this series is ideal for facilities looking for intuitive func- tionality and extremely reliable performance. Extensive biomechanics research has helped create a smooth and natural feeling ellipse path that is comfortable for any exerciser. Console provides clear, simple instructions.
081692490 $4,413.68
SportsArt E835 Foundation Series Elliptical. Perfect option for exercisers looking for a total-body, low-impact workout. Users will enjoy the built-in, wireless Polar® HR receiver and multiple language options (English, Spanish and French).
• MyflexTM pedal cushioning system provides a comfortable workout platform
• Self powered with Quick Start function for every program and 40 levels of resistance
• Integrated entertainment cap for all of your accessory enjoyment in one place
081660497     $3,478.57
EL6000 Elliptical. Featuring cordless, self-powered tech-
nology with a hybrid generator and dual-stage drive system, the EL6000 Elliptical is designed for optimal performance. Low side- or rear-entry step-on height with 20” natural stride and dual-action han- dlebars combine with a variety of exercise programs and 16 resistance levels to deliver a total body workout and engage users of all abilities. Smooth Motion TechnologyTM, with oversized bearings, delivers a quiet, comfortable and smooth ride. Plus, the simple design makes it easier and more efficient to assemble, service and relocate.
7100452 $3,895.00
                     See page 47 for specifications.
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