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                                                                 Lateral Trainers and Ellipticals Exercise Cardio
      TRUE® Traverse Elliptical. Manufactured with the same
high quality and craftsmanship that TRUE has been known for in the fitness industry for over 34 years, the Traverse provides smooth, side-to-side motion for a better workout in less time. With unique programming features such as the Skate and Ski workout, users activate more muscle groups than on other cardio machines and get a workout like no other.
081686336     w/Escalate 9” LCD Console $5,871.80
SciFit Latitude Lateral Stability Trainer. Stability
trainers use an innovative motion to help people of all fitness levels build muscles, and confidence, to stay active in an easy-to-use, engaging way. Bidirectional circular motion activates muscles used for stability and side-to-side movements, as well as different muscle firing patterns depending on the direction, either in- ward or outward. Premium seat features forward/back and up/down adjustments, plus recline up to 23° and 360° swivel. All seats are re- movable for easy wheelchair access. Oversized, orthopedic foot pads with heel cups and foot straps provide added safety and comfort.
    081686344     w/Emerge LED Console
081710821     Standard Seat, 500-lb. capacity 081710805     Premium Seat, 450-lb. capacity 081710813     Bariatric Seat, 600-lb. capacity
$5,995.00 $6,250.00
 Precor® ExperienceTM Series 830 Ellipticals. Self-
powered crosstrainers feature unique Precor CrossRamp® technology which allows users to alter the path between 13 and 40° in both forward and reverse stride motions, cross training various muscle groups to offer a wider range of workouts. The P30 console features easy-to-use motion controls and uses an LED-based display that focuses on the essential fitness stats that keep users moving. Patented elliptical path perfectly mimics a natural running stride, al- lowing users to keep heels down for a more comfortable, effective and ergonomically correct motion.
081691716     EFX 833 with Fixed Handlebars $7,144.50 081691724     EFX 835 with Moving Handlebars $8,244.50
Octane Fitness Zero Runner. Offers the same great
workout as a treadmill, but because there’s no belt, deck or power cord, it has significantly lower maintenance and electricity needs. Smarter than a treadmill, the Zero Runner enables users to optimize their form, engage the core and concentrate on activating hamstrings and glutes. Independent hip and knee joints replicate natural walking, jogging or running motion without any stressful impact. A stride length of up to 58” lets users customize their stride. 7100244 $8,399.00
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