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           Jamar® Finger Dexterity Test. Evaluates rapid manipula- tion of small parts. Useful for fine motor coordination training. Self-contained 11" x 51/2" (28 x 14 cm) board has shallow well for 1" pins and 100 holes that hold 3 pins each. Includes Examiner's Manual with norms.
7520 Finger Dexterity Test $166.60 A8514 Replacement Pins, 100 $57.55
Jamar® Tweezers Dexterity Test. Specialized test uses tweezers to place pins in holes. Requires precision, steadiness and a high degree of eye-hand coordination. Includes one tweezer, 100 pins and detailed Examiner's Manual with norms. 7521 Tweezers Dexterity Test $140.67
                                                                 Evaluation Dexterity Assessments
                          Jamar® 9-Hole Peg Test Kit. One-piece design features a molded dish next to the 9-hole peg board, to keep reach consistent. Stopwatch in- cluded. All pieces can be cleaned with a disinfectant. 121/4" x 101/4" x 111/16"
Jamar® 9-Hole Pegboard. Great for fine motor coordination, evaluations and finger dexterity exercise. Square, 47/8" (12 cm) wooden pegboard comes with 1/4" pegs. Convenient storage in two side slots.
5309 9-Hole Pegboard $35.39
Jamar® Grooved Pegboard. A chal- lenging manipulative dexterity test that requires more complete visual motor coor- dination than most pegboards. Contains 25 holes with randomly positioned slots. Pegs must be rotated before they can be inserted. 7446 Grooved Pegboard $132.00
A9685 30 Replacement Pegs $40.35
(31 x 26 x 4 cm).
A8515 Jamar 9-Hole Peg Test Kit
A8516 Replacement Pegs, Nine
A8423 Stopwatch $19.15
A8423B Replacement Battery for Stopwatch
Only $9.05
$72.82 $10.21
927037 Replacement Pegs
         Roeder Manipulative Aptitude Test.
Jamar® Pegboard Test. Measures two types of activities: one for gross move- ment of hands, fingers and arms; the other involving fingertip dexterity. Includes 55 pins, 45 washers, 25 collars, complete manual with instructions, Quick Reference Guide, normative data and 25 record blanks. Required stopwatch is not included. Standardized.
A9291 Pegboard Test $181.75 A92911 Replacement Hardware (55 pins, 45 washers, 25 collars) $72.70
747303 Replacement Manual $16.15 A92912 Replacement Record Blanks
Measures speed and dexterity in arm, hand and finger movements, including thrusting and twisting. Can be used for pre-employment as- sessment. Durable plastic with 4 receptacles for washers, rods, caps and nuts. T-bar included for special tests, as well as instruction manual, norms, record blanks, rods and washers. Standardized.
A8982 Aptitude Test $398.00
A8984 Replacement Parts (except T-Bar) A8514 Replacement Pins, 100 $57.55
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