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 Manual Dexterity Test
 Complete Manual Dexterity Test
 Replacement Cylinders, 5
  Additional Record Forms, 50
Dexterity Assessments
            Jamar® Manual Dexterity Test. Standardized test measures eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity of the arm and hand for manipulative work. Requires unilateral and bilateral move-
ments while utilizing a broad range of shoulder motion. The
Manual Dexterity Test incorporates two test batteries—placing and turning—while the Complete Manual Dexterity Test incorporates five test batteries: placing, turning, displacing, one-handed turning and placing and two-handed turning and placing. Both tests include 60 two-colored wooden cylinders, plastic board, record forms, carrying case, norms and manual with test battery instructions. Complete version includes an extra test board. Boards: 9"W x 333/4"L
(23 x 86 cm). Latex free.
Functional Dexterity Test. Quick and simple-to-administer is how Journal of Hand Therapy has described this dexterity test. Small and portable, it involves turning pegs over as quickly as possible using the non-injured hand, followed by a timed test of each hand. The “Time Only” score quantifies the speed and the “Time plus Penalty” score quantifies the quality of the performance. Includes a Functional Level Score Sheet based on hand dominance and normal speed performing activities using a three-jaw chuck prehension pattern. Hardwood pegboard measures 8" (21 cm) square with a locking cover. Each of the 16 wooden pegs is 7/8" x 15/8" (22 mm x 4.1 cm). 563542 $139.35
Box & Block Test. Portable
version of the standardized
test of manual dexterity.
Provides a baseline for upper
extremity manual dexterity
and gross motor coordination.
Quick and simple to administer. Suitable for persons with low intel- ligence and/or limited manual dexterity. Complete with 150 color wooden blocks that are 1" (2.54 cm) square. Closable box for easy portability and storage. Latex free.
7531 $219.65
Jamar® Picking-Up Test.
Evaluates client's level of func- tional sensibility by measuring motor function. All pieces are metal to eliminate differences in temperature/texture as factors. Pinching is required
to pick up small objects and
to measure the perception of
constant touch and pressure.
Fine motor skills are also required. Can be used blindfolded to measure tactile ability or stereognosis.
7457 $46.45
Measures an
individual’s basic
level of function in the areas of color identification, shape and size discrimination, eye-hand coordination, understanding of spatial rela- tionships, and ability to follow verbal instructions. Includes Pegboard and Round Pegs, Graded Pegboard, Pegboard with Square Pegs, in- struction manual with screening procedures and post-test forms.
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By Deborah Tiersch-Allen.
4923A Visual Perception Assessment Program
4923B Visual Perception Assessment Manual
4923C Visual Perception Assessment Forms, Pads of 50
$166.73 $15.47

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