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   Developmental Test of Visual Perception (DTVP-3). The DTVP-3 is the most recent revision of Marianne Frostig’s popular Developmental Test of Visual Perception.
New Features of the DTVP-3
• Normative data collected in 2010 and 2011
• Norms have been extended upward to age 12 years, 11 months
• Composite scores have no floor or ceiling effects
• Numerous eligibility and validity studies have been provided
• The study of item bias has been expanded
The Developmental Test of Visual Perception is distinguished from all other tests of visual perception and visual-motor integration because of the following: scores are reliable at the .80 level or above for all subtests and .90 or above for the composites for all age groups; scores are validated by many studies; norms are based on a large (N=1,035) representative sample; yields scores for visual perception and visual-motor integration ability; and shown to be unbiased rela- tive to race, gender and handedness.
DTVP-3 Subtests
1. Eye-Hand Coordination. Requires children to draw precise straight or curved lines in accordance with visual boundaries.
2. Copying. After looking at a simple figure, kids are asked to draw it on a piece of paper. The figure serves as a model for the drawing. Subsequent figures are increasingly complex.
3. Figure-Ground. Children are shown stimulus figures and asked
to find as many of the figures as they can on a page with complex, confusing background.
4. Visual Closure. A stimulus figure is shown to kids, who are asked to select the exact figure from a series of figures that have been incompletely drawn.
5. Form Constancy. Starting with a stimulus figure, children are di- rected to find it in a series of figures. The targeted figure will have
a different size, position and/or shade, and it may be hidden in a distracting background.
The results of the five DTVP-3 subtests are combined to form three composites: Motor-Reduced Visual Perception, Visual-Motor Integration and General Visual Perception (combination of motor- reduced and motor-enhanced subtests). Testing time is 30 minutes.
The Complete DTVP-3 Kit includes an Examiner’s Manual, Picture Book, 25 Response Booklets, 25 Examiner Record Booklets and a Copying Scoring Template—all in a sturdy storage box. ©2014. 081617422 Complete Kit $389.95
081617430 Examiner Record Book (25) $54.95 081617448 Response Booklet (25) $114.95
MVPT-4 Motor-Free Visual Perception Test, 4th Edition.
The MVPT-4 is the most recent revision of the only non-motor visual perceptual assessment that can be used throughout the lifespan. The MVPT-4 provides a quick, reliable and valid measure of overall visual perceptual ability in children and adults. The MVPT-4 includes 45 items from the MVPT-3 which have been reorganized and grouped for easier administration. Stimuli are comprised of black-and-white line drawings and designs, with answer choices presented in an easy-to-record multiple-choice format. No motor involvement is needed to make a response, making the test particularly useful with those who may have motor disabilities. The following tasks are as- sessed:
• Visual Discrimination – the ability to discriminate dominant features of different objects, including the ability to discriminate position, shapes and forms.
• Spatial Relationships – the ability to perceive the positions of ob- jects in relation to oneself and to other objects. Items assess the perception of pictures, figures or patterns that are disoriented in relation to each other, such as figure reversals and rotations.
• Visual Memory – the ability to recognize a previously presented stimulus item after a brief interval.
• Figure-Ground – the ability to distinguish an object from back- ground or surrounding objects.
• Visual Closure – the ability to perceive a whole figure when only fragments are presented.
The MVPT-4 includes new norms for ages 4 through 80+ years. Data were collected from 2012–2014 on a national, stratified sample of more than 2,700 individuals. The MVPT-4 takes approximately 20–25 minutes to administer. Complete Kit includes the Manual,
Test Plates and Recording Forms (25). 081670579 MVPT-4 Complete Kit $241.95 081670587 MVPT-4 Manual $69.25 081670595 MVPT-4 Test Plates $99.95 081670603 MVPT-4 Record Forms (25) $57.07
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