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                                                              Speech Dysphagia
   TheraSIPTM Swallowing Trainer. Works as a bedside tool to measure the number of practiced swallows during treatment and
the strength of the sucking function. The carefully engineered, micro- sized resistance straws have varying interior diameters to be used in training that strengthens the swallow while acting as an incentive device. Clients can easily track the number of practice swallows and size of liquid managed. Kit includes complete instructions for use, graduated cylinder, stopper, series of straws, graduated cup and sliding guide for fluid levels.
TheraSTRAWSTM. Straws of decreasing interior diameters restrict bolus size and maximize safe intake of thin liquids. Includes four straws—each in a different size to fit inside each other, keeping
the exterior size of the straws larger. They can be shaped (bent) by placing in a microwave, shortened as needed and cleansed after each use. Recommended for individual use only.
081502798 TheraSIPTM Swallowing Trainer $76.25
081503705 TheraSIPTM Assessment (Set of 4 TheraSTRAWSTM)
3D Swallow. The ultimate aid to understanding swallowing disorders on DVD. Includes two versions. The patient version is an instructional video that uses animations to explain dysphagia, precautions, treatment options and common terminology. The professional version contains biomedical animations of normal swallowing and eight common forms of dysphagia. Two discs per version. 081603075 $205.00
Disposable Mouth Mirror. Use the lightweight mirror to quickly and efficiently view the tongue, lingual frenum, teeth and palate. Use as an alternative tongue depressor to pull the cheek back. Set of 12. is 6” long. Latex free.
920718 $22.09
Laryngeal Mirror. Provides thermal-tactile stimulation during swallowing therapy. Helps trigger a swallow by stimulating the anterior pillars of fauces. Can be sterilized by steam, hot air or antiseptic solutions. 12mm and 14mm chrome-plated mirror and hexagon handle (41/4”L) sold separately. Hex handle can be used with either 4127 or 412700. Latex free.
4127 Laryngeal Mirror 14mm Size 0 $16.15 412700 Laryngeal Mirror 12mm Size 00 $16.15 412701 Hexagon Handle $16.15
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fax 1.800.547.4333
   JigglerTM Fun Facial Massager. Need extra stimulation for oral-motor therapy? Kids are fascinated by the colorful figures and amazing exploration of shapes and textures that these facial massagers present. Simply install one AA battery (not included), give the head a twist, and you have a facial vibrator. Includes 1 elephant and 1 alligator. Latex free.
 081606474 Pack of 2 $54.95

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