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   Rije Dysphagia Cup. Dispenses adjustable portions of liquids from 3 ml to 15 ml. Holds up to 250 ml. Allows drinking from open cup or straw. Provides secure
grip, is spill resistant and stable. Dishwasher safe. Available only in Aquamarine color. 081615178 $52.99
The very popular Provale cup in 2 sizes
PROVALETM Regulating Drinking Cup. Delivers a fixed amount of liquid with every drinking motion. The cup provides measured small amounts of liquid (either 5cc or 10cc) without the use of thickeners. Helps preserve the dignity of those who suffer from dysphagia or disorders associated with swallowing difficulties. Cup has broad base to minimize tipping and spilling. Both hold 8 ounces. Also allows for cleanup to be limited to one piece of dinnerware rather than several parts of other feeders. Includes 2 removable handles. Easy to clean and institutional; dishwasher safe. 5cc cup comes in blue, 10cc cup comes in brown. No color choices. 551845 5cc Provale Cup $45.95
081536150 Pack of 5, 5cc cups $191.39 551846 10cc Provale Cup $45.95 081536168 Pack of 5, 10cc cups $190.85
Save $ money when you purchase a pack of 5!
Thick-It®. Allows you to easily modify liquids and puréed foods to help people of all ages with swallowing problems (dysphagia). Thick-It helps decrease the risk
of choking and aspiration—a
common cause of pneumonia.
Neutral in taste—does not have any
flavor or odor. Cornstarch-based and low in
sodium. Dissolves easily without cooking. Sold in cases of 12.
    THICK & EASY® Instant Food & Beverage Thickeners are easy to use and safe for those with swallowing difficulties. Thicken up all varieties of hot and cold foods and liquids without affecting the taste. Powder blends quickly and smoothly to achieve nectar-, honey- or spoon-thick consistencies. Individual packets are measured to thicken 4 fl. oz. of a beverage to a specific consistency. A scoop
is included in every canister along with mixing directions to thicken varying quantities of liquids. Suitable for children above 3 years of age. Gluten and lactose free.
126201 8 oz. canister, Each $19.50
  126203 8 oz. canister, 12/Case $178.00
126204 10 lb. Box, Each $146.00
920739 4.5g Packets, Nectar consistency, 100/pk. 920738 6.5g Packets, Honey consistency, 100/pk.
$49.50 $49.50
        THICK & EASY® Thickened
Beverages meet the special needs
of individuals with swallowing dif- ficulties. Ready-to-serve, reliably thickened beverages in two different consistencies provide 100% of the recommended daily requirement for Vitamin C. Simply chill, pour and enjoy. Sold as a pack of 24 individual 4 oz. cups.
Apple Juice (Nectar consistency) Apple Juice (Honey consistency)
$30.65 $30.65
         081602622 Case of 12
People Feeder.
Simply Thick Food Thickeners. Designed
specifically for people who have difficulty
swallowing. Ready to drink within seconds
and used to thicken any liquid, whether hot
or cold. Single packets create nectar or honey
consistency, and the 2-liter bottle with pump
can create nectar, honey or pudding consis-
tency depending on the number of pumps and liquid used. No scoops, spoons or open containers. Soluble food fiber adds few calories. Low in carbohydrates, very low in sodium. Available in convenient single use packets, or 2-liter bottle with pump.
081122332 200 count, Nectar $107.27 081122324 100 count, Honey $90.13 081533157 2-liter bottle w/pump $64.27
                  Allows caregiver
to dispense food
at any rate. A soft,
silicone rubber feeding nozzle can be squeezed to control the flow of food into the patient’s mouth. 51/2” nozzle holds one tablespoon. 8 oz. food reservoir has a plunger to force food through a side port. Dishwasher safe. Latex free.
920616 People Feeder $145.00 920617 Replacement Nozzles, Two
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