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                                      Oral Sensory Speech
Jaw Rehabilitation Program Kit. Program is a step-by- step series of treatments delineated into seven outcome levels. Clients will progress from improvement of sensory and motor skills to strengthening functional patterns of mandibular move- ment using chewy tubes. The kit contains six Chewy Tubes (3 at 3/8”, 3 at 1/2” in diameter), protocol and assessment forms. Additional Chewy Tubes sold separately.
920370 Program Kit $124.50
920372 Yellow Chewy Tube (3/8” in diameter) $14.95 920373 Red Chewy Tube (1/2” in diameter) $14.95
565825 Super Chewy Tube (5/8” in diameter) $13.95 560650 Knobby Tube $14.15
Ps + Qs. An oral motor exerciser from the makers of Chewy Tubes. The “Q” is delightful for infants and toddlers to initiate bilateral biting. The “P” is fun for developing both bilateral and unilateral biting and chewing skills. Latex free.
557253 $12.15
Y-Chews®. Use to assist in oral exploration and to increase movement in the cheek, tongue, lips and jaw. Also helps pa- tients to develop biting and chewing skills and to decrease oral sensitivities to textures; assists in the reduction of teeth grinding. The handle allows for an easy grip, and the exten- sions on the top part of the “Y” make it easy to reach the upper and lower back molar areas. The handle measures 21/2” and the extensions are 13/4” and 11/2”. Constructed of medical grade materials that are FDA compliant and contain no lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA or latex. Made in the USA.
081566264 Yellow $11.11 081566272 Blue $11.11
Lemon & Glycerin Swabsticks.
Pleasant, refreshing lemon taste stimulates saliva flow; glycerin lubricates and softens tissue. Tip is made of soft, rayon fiber; handle of durable polystyrene. 4” swab length is ideal for applications. Foil packaging keeps swabs moist and ready for use. Box of 25 (3 packs), for a total of 75 each. Latex free. 557254 $14.50
Tongue Press. Therapy tool for strength- ening the tongue to improve speech and swallowing.
081621291 Tongue Press $45.00 081621309 Tongue Press - Pack of 4
  DentipsTM. Soft, polyester foam tip is treated with peppermint-flavored dentifrice. Also useful for oral motor stimulation and facilitation. Each is individually wrapped, and measures 5” long. Available in pack- ages of 10 or convenient dispenser box of 250. Latex free.
6322 Pkg. of 10 $9.10
  632201 Box of 250
 Ice Finger
for Oral
The totally
sealed, mal-
leable gel core
is frozen for
thermal stimu-
lation and can
be re-frozen
so one per
client can be used for the entire duration
of therapy. The small grip at the top makes it easy to evoke mouth opening, insert for sucking or to overcome a hypersensitive gag reflex. Easy to use with clients who resist intraoral stimulation or have difficulty fol- lowing one-step commands. 4” long below the handle with 5/8” diameter. Sold individu- ally. Latex free.
 92025601 $25.00 Order online. It’s click & easy:

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