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                                    Tools & Books Speech
     WALC2 Cognitive Rehab. Used for virtually any client who needs help with at- tention, memory, sequential thought and reasoning. Activities feature an easy-to-read format and simple and concise language use. Ages 16 to adult. Softcover, 301 pgs. 081703768 $59.50
WALC3 Everyday Problem Solving.
Practice seven specific problem-solving skills in isolation, then apply them to depicted situations and generate and evaluate solu- tions. Focus is on the cognitive processes and strategies used in problem solving. Ages 16 to adult. Softcover, 191 pgs. 081703784 $59.50
WALC4 Everyday Reading. Activities represent reading requirements that clients encounter every day. Each reading category is depicted in several styles with true-to-life graphics. Corresponding stimulus questions prompt clients to look for information and in- terpret a variety of formats. Ages 16 to adult. Grades: 11 and up. Softcover, 182 pgs. 081703800 $59.50
   WALC5 Neuro Rehab. Improve how user processes information and responds appro- priately to the world around them. Allows
for improved orientation, memory, organiza- tion, problem solving, reasoning and written expression with this compilation of functional activities. Activities are in an easy-to-read format. Ages 16 to adult. Softcover, 180 pgs. 081703818 $59.50
WALC9 Verbal and Visual Reasoning.
Exercises that “tease” out the integral parts of verbal and visual reasoning. Activities have an easy-to-read format and can be applied to a wide range of acquired cogni- tive language disorders and processes of reasoning. Ages 16 to adult. Grades 11 and up. Softcover, 196 pgs.
081703859 $59.50
WALC6 Functional Language. Exercises cover a broad scope of skills including ori- entation, auditory comprehension, verbal expression and reading comprehension. Convenient, ready-to-use activities designed especially for persons with neurological in- jury. Ages 16 to adult. Grades 11 and up. Softcover, 313 pgs.
081703834 $59.50
WALC7 Everyday Math. Math, language and reasoning come together in this col- lection of functional lessons. Illustrations and activities replicate real-life skills. 150 ready-to-use activities for math teach the functional skills adults need for indepen- dence. Ages 16 to adult. Grades 11 and up. Softcover, 182 pgs.
081703842 $59.50
WALC12 Executive Functioning.
Stimulate neurologically impaired clients’ executive functioning with activities that use relevant content centered around at-home activities and home maintenance. Activities can be done individually or in a group. Many tasks involve working memory, and most provide an answer for the client to choose from. Ages 16 to adult. Softcover, 200 pgs. 081703883 $59.50
    WALC11 Language for Home Activities. Home Activities are based on general knowledge associated with a home, like appliances, home furnishings, cleaning items and more. Home Maintenance sec- tion uses higher-level vocabulary and covers practical topics like furnace maintenance, yard work and car maintenance. All activities retrain language and cognitive processing. Ages 16 to adult. Softcover, 106 pgs. 081703875 $59.50
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