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                                   Speech Assessment - Aphasia
    Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination
Set, Third Edition. By Harold Goodglass, PhD:
Edith Kaplan, PhD: Barbara Barresi, PhD. Measures
of syntax comprehension, graphophonemic
processing, and word comprehension and word
production tests to locate category-specific dif-
ficulties have been added. Taking just 30–45
minutes to administer, it gives reliable information
in a hurry, allowing rapid diagnosis and interven-
tion. Features include testing options for the Boston
Naming Test, methods for eliciting discourse, new approaches
to scoring and new tests for analyzing reading disorders. Statistical bases for revised evaluations are included. Set, including book and video, provides a comprehensive resource for understanding and ad- dressing aphasic disorders.
Set includes one each in a sturdy storage box. Newly revised manual of The Assessment of Aphasia and Related Disorders (135 pages, 26 illustrations, 13 tables, hardbound), 147 Long-Form Stimulus Cards (Picture Book), Long-Form Record Booklet, Pack of 25, Stimulus Cards-Short Form, 27 illustra- tions, Short-Form Record Booklet, Pack of 25, Boston Naming Test, Stimulus Cards Picture Book, Boston Naming Test Record Booklet, Pack of 25, Examining for Aphasia with the BDAE video demonstrating effective test administration in various situations (90 minutes). ©2000.
Manual of Aphasia and Aphasia Therapy – 3rd Edition. This comprehensive text covers
the assessment and treatment of adult aphasia by speech-language pathologists. It is targeted at clini- cians working with people with aphasia in acute and post-acute settings. It focuses on the theo- retical and research underpinnings and the practical application of
a wide range of treatment ap- proaches.
081624832 $113.05
920422 Complete Kit $624.15
920424 Additional Short-Form Record Booklets, Set of 25 920425 Additional Naming Test Record Booklet, Set of 25
$52.00 $52.00
 BASA, Boston Assessment of Severe Aphasia. Designed to be given to post-stroke cases soon after the onset of symptoms, prefer- ably at bedside. The BASA probes the spared language abilities
of persons with severe aphasia and provides diagnostic
information needed for immediate treatment. Both gestural and verbal responses to the items are scored, and refusals, affective responses, and perseverative responses also are recorded. Gestural and verbal responses can be scored in combination or separately, and both scores can be expressed as fully or partially communicative.
Complete BASA Kit includes: Examiner’s
Manual, Custom Clipboard, Manipulatives,
Stimulus Cards and 24 Record Forms, all in a plastic case. (1989)
920402 $416.15
Everyday Expressions Aphasia Therapy. By Diana J. Goodwin. Developed by an experienced speech therapist, this program provides practical treatment material for older aphasic clients with expressive lan- guage impairments. The rehabilitation challenge for these people is easier with this useful, interesting, enjoyable program. It directly facilitates the re-
covery of functional communication skills with
78 illustrated expressions, organized into five
categories of expressions: general social, daily
living activities, dining out, at the doctor’s of-
fice and visiting with friends. Also beneficial to those
with dysarthria, Parkinson’s disease, cognitive impairments or with clients who stutter. The back of each card has a written expression and description of the situation. Manual gives specific instructions for use, writing and documenting outcomes and home practice. Includes reproducible drill and progress logs. 12-page instruction manual and 78 cards (each 4” x 6”).
081502590 $103.00
Workbook for Aphasia. By Susan Howell Brubacker, M.S., CCC-SLP. Used by speech-language pathologists as a treatment
tool in sessions and as a home- program supplement, with target populations ranging from adults
to early adolescents. The exercises encompass basic-to-higher-level tasks addressing reading, graphics, word retrieval, formulation and a variety of other language skills. This revised and updated 3rd edition will enhance the ability of speech- language pathologists to address the language-impaired population within their practices. The book’s new, larger font and improved spacing better enable patients with visual difficulties to read the text. 081535434 $121.24
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