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                                    Dynamic Splints & Components
   Phoenix Extended
Outrigger. Ideal for radial
nerve injuries. Positions the
wrist and MCP joints in exten-
sion, while allowing active
functional hand use. Mounted
to a thermoplastic splint base.
Includes dorsal outrigger, 4
pre-tied finger slings, 4 slotted pulleys, rubber band post and hex wrench. Splinting material and monofilaments sold separately. 927202 Phoenix Extended Outrigger $85.80
Phoenix Outrigger
Kit. Provides dynamic
MCP extension with
active flexion allowing
complete available
ROM. Slotted pulleys
can be aligned for a 90°
angle of pull. Includes
curved dorsal extension
outrigger, 4 slotted pul-
leys, radial outrigger,
pretied slings, rubber band posts, and hex wrench. Splinting mate- rial, straps, rubber bands and springs sold separately. Wide version features a wider, longer arc for larger hands. Can be used in con- junction with standard kit if different digits require different angles of pull. The wide outrigger provides an effective line of pull for joints that are more flexed, and the standard outrigger works well for less flexed joints. Latex free.
927201 Standard $85.80
 564362 Phoenix Thumb Outrigger
   564368 Wide
  Phoenix Single Finger Outrigger. For effective dynamic exten- sion or flexion finger splints. Ideal when only one or two digits are involved. Slotted pulleys easily adjust to maintain a 90° angle of pull. Kit includes 5 outriggers with removable slotted pulleys, 5 pre- tied finger slings, 5 rubber band posts, and hex wrench. Splinting material, straps with rubber bands and springs sold separately. A6076 $86.85
           Phoenix Line Guides. Punch or drill a hole into splint base to at- tach these line guides for easy monofilament threading. Package of 10. Latex free.
A6079 $18.15
Rolyan® Dynamic Pronation/Supination Kit. For therapists who want to fabricate a dynamic pronation/supination splint from their own wrist and elbow splints, this kit contains one length of tubing, two metal housings and the appropriate hardware for the attaching housings to a custom splint base. Includes instructions. Latex free.
A8331 $71.82
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