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                                    Dynamic Mobilization Splints & Components Splinting
Rolyan® Aquatubes® Splinting Tubes. Instant-bonding low-temper-
ature hollow splinting tubes permanently bond to all Rolyan splinting materials. Can be used as line guides to direct angle of pull and prevent snagging of traction lines. Ideal for dynamic outriggers and figure-8 splints, or as an economical, durable hinge. 2’ (60cm) long, white. Latex free.
Save with the Aquatube Multipack:
556041 Aquatube Multipack. Includes one of each size.
                 Outside diameter:
  3/8” (9.5mm)
  1/4” (6.4mm)
  3/16” (4.8mm)
   Inside diameter:
  1/8” (3.2mm)
  1/8” (3.2mm)
  1/16” (1.6mm)
  Why MERiT Static-Progressive Splinting?
MERiT stands for Maximum End Range (i) Time. MERiT Static- Progressive Splints strategically deliver controlled stress using MERiT driven static-progressive traction.
• Increase passive ROM faster than any other splint approach
• Provide infinitely adjustable tension and position
• Facilitate long-term wear and patient compliance
• Optimize stress delivery
• Replace rubber bands, elastic components and springs
• Have reusable components, which leads to cost effectiveness
  MERiTTM Final Finger
Flexion Kit. Achieve end
range flexion of the MCP,
PIP and DIP joints simul-
taneously. MERiTTM Static
Progressive Component
can be used with a single
finger. To accommodate
multiple digits or the MCP
or IP joints of the thumb,
add more components
(sold separately). Delivers sustained controlled stretch to maximize end range. (Mid-range flexion of each joint splinted is required.)
Kit includes pre-cut splint blank of 1/16” (1.6mm) low-temperature thermoplastic, MERiTTM static-progressive component, splint line, line guides, hook & loop straps, and splinting material for finger slings. To determine size, measure full width across palm at palmar crease.
Rolyan® Individual Line Guides & Polyform® Attachment Pieces. Use to create a small pulley for dynamic splinting. Untreated Polyform® material attachments bond
to splinting materials. Latex free.
         081591692 Small up to 33/4” (9.5cm) 081591700 Large over 33/4” (9.5cm)
$101.71 $108.09
   Item No.
 Pack of 10 line guides with attachment pieces
  Pack of 25 line guides only
    MERiTTM Static
Progressive Component.
Ideal for gaining flexion
or extension of joints of
the thumb, finger, wrist or
elbow. Provides direct con-
trolled static tension for use
in place of dynamic graded
springs or rubber bands.
Tension of pull can be ad-
justed by turning the thumb
screw. Metal component
only—other splinting supplies sold separately. Set of four. 081591718 $194.84
Phoenix Slotted Pulleys. Pulleys give quick and precise adjust- ments for alignment and 90° angle of pull. Includes hex wrench. Package of 5.
A6077 $60.55
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