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                                                                Dynamic Splinting Components
            Rolyan® Contoured
Finger Hooks. Glue
fingernails to attach
the traction to unit in
dynamic splinting. Each
hook is 9/16” (1.4cm) long x 7/16” (1.1cm) wide. Package of 12. Latex free.
A4282 $11.10
Rolyan® Finger
Hooks. 1/4” (6.4mm)
nickel hooks can
easily be bent and
glued to finger-
nails. Use with rubber bands for dynamic splinting. Package of 100. Latex free. A4281 $10.05
Rolyan® Wrap-OnTM
Finger Hooks.
Alternative to gluing hooks onto fingernails. Great for use with burn patients and ampu- tees as well as people with sensitive nail beds and general hand trauma. Thin strapping ma- terial lined with slip-resistant material to help prevent migration. Secure to finger tips with a hook strap. Sized for large fingers; trim to fit any size. Package of 5. Latex free.
A4283 $26.75
Rolyan® Outrigger
Line Connectors. A professional, time-efficient way to attach
finger loops or slings to outrigger line, eliminating the need to tie knots. Insert line through connector and crimp with pliers. For 8–40 lbs. (3.6–18 kg) outrigger line. Package of 100. Latex free.
A8072 $16.70
                        Sup-R-SoftTM Finger & Thumb Slings.
Washable, breathable Ultrasuede® ma- 7798 terial is easily trimmed. Several options
are available with eyelets for ease in at-
taching monofilament or elastic lines. 7/8”
 (2.22cm) wide. Latex free.
      With eyelets. Package of 10.
   Item No.
 2” Long (5.08cm)
 3” Long (7.6cm)
 3.5” Long (8.9cm)
  4” Long (10.1cm)
       Without eyelets. Package of 100.
   Item No.
 2” Long (5.08cm)
 3” Long (7.6cm)
 3.5” Long (8.9cm)
  4” Long (10.1cm)
   Finger Slings and Loops. Lightweight plastic with a cloth interface. Finger slings and loops are 3/4” (1.9cm) wide. Finger loops have a reinforced pre-punched eyelet. Easily trimmed. Latex free.
7791 Finger Slings, package of 100 $35.80 7793 Finger Loops, package of 10 $15.65
Soft Finger Loops. Soft foam for client comfort with prepunched holes for attach- ment of rubber bands or outrigger line. Can be trimmed. Latex free. Cuff measures 2”L x 1” (2.54cm x 5.08cm). Package of 10. 7790 $20.70
  3pp® Finger TrapperTM. Use in post-op or dynamic splinting application to provide more comfortable traction than nail hooks. Eyelet allows application of traction lines. Circumferential design assists with edema control. This splint is breathable, washable and resists migration. One size fits most adult fingers. Latex free.
927276 Pkg. 5 $34.30
081504182 Pkg. of 25 $104.00
 7788 $21.20
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Pre-Tied Finger Slings. To use with out- riggers. Soft, comfortable Ultrasuede® with nylon ties. Measures 7/8” x 3” (2.22cm x 7.62cm); may be trimmed. Hand wash, air- dry. Package of 10. Latex free.

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