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                                     Finger Splints: Flexion
           Rolyan® Fabrifoam® Gauntlet.
Made from soft, breathable Fabrifoam® material, this gauntlet won’t migrate. The circumferential gauntlet can be used with attachments to increase ROM and strength of the fingers and thumb. Sold separately; see remainder of this page. Fits most adults. Latex free. (Patent Performance Health)
A57113 Left A57114 Right
$22.20 $22.20
Gauntlet allows pas- sive joint motion gains at the thumb when used with Dorsal Flexion Hood Attachments (Phase I)
Please see our website for additional finger splint styles
    Short length
Long length
Phase I
Dorsal Flexion Hood Attachments. Outperforms, by far, the tra-
ditional finger flexion glove, providing true MCP/PIP flexion. Use to increase passive joint motion of the MCPs, PIPs and DIPs. Gauntlet increases passive thumb flexion and opposition. Soft straps have an elastic fingertip cover that assures secure finger attachment. The amount of static progressive traction can be individually tailored
to each digit’s needs with adjustable hook attachments. (Patent Performance Health.) Gauntlet sold separately above.
Short Length. 3/4” (1.9cm) width. Fits most women and smaller men. Package of 4.
A57119 $15.87
Long Length. 1” (2.5cm) width. Fits larger women and most men. Package of 4.
A57120 $15.87
Phase II
Composite Finger Flexion Loop Attachments. Helps achieve end ranges of MCP, PIP and DIP joint flexion. Straps wrap around the first and third pha- lanx to increase PIP/DIP flexion, then attach to the gauntlet (sold separately above), pulling the MCP into flexion. Package of 4. Latex free.
Phase III Finger Exerciser
Attachments. Strengthens
the fingers. Individual tabs
are attached to rubber bands that allow varying degrees of resistance. Can be used on the thumb to strengthen extension and abduction. Gauntlet sold separately above. Package of 4.
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