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  Oakworks® Hi-Lo Casting Table.
Designed to optimize patient comfort and ergonomics for the practitioner. Height adjusts from 17”–35” (43–88cm). Allows easy patient transfers and the ability to raise or lower patients to your most com- fortable working height. The height range helps you achieve compliance for up to a 50% ADA tax credit. Other features include:
• Manually adjusted two break (three
section) top. Supports your clients in any position from flat to seated. The large working surface is 31”W x 73”L (79 x 185cm).
• Top-rated 110-volt motor. Super-quiet with lifting capacity of 550 lbs. (250kg). Reliable, secure electronics.
• Professionally engineered construction. Dual cross-beam, heavy gauge welded steel frame. The only X-Brace table that offers stability and strength at every height (even for bariatric clients).
• Medical-grade upholstery.
• Weighs 275 lbs. (125kg).
562870 $2,999.95
   Item No.
 Delta-Cast® Saw (compatible with vacuum)*
 Power Brick (power supply only)
 Replacement Vacuum Chamber Hood
  Replacement Non-Vacuum Chamber Hood
Cast Saws & Table
Delta-Cast® Saw. The cast removal solution. The low noise level is comforting to the patient. Benefits for the clinician are a low vibration level and a soft grip area for better handling. Excellent balance reduces clinician fatigue. The Delta-Cast has dual speed and good cutting performance on fiberglass and polyester casts. The 6-blade rotation ex- tends the life of the blade. 2-year warranty. (Vacuum sold separately as a special order.)
*Comes with power supply, cords, CryoCoatTM Blade.
Vacuum is a special order (can be utilized only with item 081595594).
American OrthopaedicTM Cast Cutter. Only 121⁄2” (32cm) long and a mere 3 lbs.
13 oz. Special lubrication enables it to work longer without service. 1.5 amps of power allow it to run for a long period of time without overheating. Power switch has been designed so that if you drop it, it wont break off. Includes a 10’ cord, hospital-grade plug, one 21⁄2” (6.4cm) diameter multipurpose blade and wrench (115 VAC; 50⁄60 Hz;
1.5 amps). Comes with a 21⁄2” (6.4 cm) diameter stainless steel blade. Other blades sold separately.
      081186212 Cast Cutter Replacement Blades
$56.24 $60.35 $78.79 $68.55
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547
fax 1.800.547.4333
Stainless Steel
Teflon Coated 2.5” (6.09cm) Titanium Nitride Coated 2.5” (6.1cm) Dichronite Coated 2.5” (6.4cm)

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