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                                                                Casting: Saws & Tools
     CastWedgeTM. Permits uni- or bivalving the cast to prevent the dis- comfort of post-traumatic swelling. For realignment, CastWedge allows for exact adjustments to casted fractures without the inconvenience
or cost of replacing the original cast and maintains a precise opening. Lightweight, can be used with plaster or fiberglass casts. High-impact, non-porous, radiolucent material. Set contains 20 wedges each of five sizes; 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25 and 30mm. Latex free.
550352 Set of 20 $123.20
    Zip-cutting strip
Zip-Cutting Strip Cast Removal Aid.
Provides additional patient protection during cast re-
moval. The 19” (48.3 cm) stick slides under the cast and provides a smooth path for scissors or cast saw. Standard and metric rules add functionality. 19” (48.3 cm). Latex free.
55325601 $5.73
Esmarch Plaster
Scissors. High-quality
German stainless steel
cast scissors are ideal
for cutting the inner
layers of plaster or
synthetic cast mate-
rials. Can be used for
cutting polyester casting tape. 53⁄4” (15 cm) handle for leverage and slanted 21⁄4” (6 cm) blade for patient safety. Total length: 8” (20 cm). Latex free.
A6684 $133.72
     Cast Scissors for Serial Finger Casts.
Highest-quality German stainless steel. 31⁄2” (9 cm) long. 1⁄2” (1.3 cm) slant design on the cutting surface provides excellent force while increasing patient safety during cast removal. Can also be
used for cutting sutures.
For right or left hand.
Latex free.
A37130 $90.45
Plaster and Utility Shears. Spring- loaded handle design reduces hand fatigue. Effective for cloth or cotton wadding.
8” (20 cm) O.R.-quality German instrument. Latex free.
554558 $154.50
Cast Spreader. Stainless-steel construction with spring-loaded handle for easy use. Latex free.
7267 $313.05
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