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                                     Rolyan® Featured Products   Ortho Lower
         Description Indications & Benefits
   Rolyan® AM 2-in-1 Back Support • Provides T4-T14 compression and support
(See page 652) • Use with or without adjustable 3” tension straps
• Features antimicrobial protection and durability
 Rolyan® Economy Knee Support
(See page 680)
• Medial and lateral spiral stays provide greater stability
• Buttress can be trimmed or removed for customized
• D-Ring straps distal and proximal prevent brace
Rolyan® Defender Post-Op Knee Brace
(See page 690)
• • •
• •
Use post-op, post injury, immobilization, or for ROM control
Features quick-release drop lock button and buckles for easy application
Adjustable length and 2 sizes reduce inventory challenges
Cool style offers more breathability
Premium style offers full coverage for compression and warmth
       Rolyan® Ankle Stabilizer
(See page 704)
• Use for sprains and strains. Controls ankle inversion and eversion
• Bladder combines air and foam for maximum patient comfort
• Light but strong, conforms to the ankle with minimal bulk
• Adjustable heel pad, vertical side straps and swivel straps provide easy application and proper fit
Rolyan® Plantar Fasciitis Splint
(See page 710)
• Soft splint to be worn at night to relieve pain associ- ated with plantar fasciitis
• Hinge provides prolonged stretch and is adjustable for dorsiflexion or plantar flexion
• Hinge is not exposed and soft splint collapses making it ideal to travel with
Rolyan® Stabilizer Walkers
(See page 713)
• Use for sprains, soft tissue injuries, stabile fractures and post-op
• Low profile, rocker bottom designed to promote natural gait
• Wide footbead for incresed comfort and stability
• Available in standard foam and air in both high and
low heights
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      Ortho Lower

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