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     Show customers you have their back!
Do it by ordering lumbar rolls imprinted with your company logo.
There are no minimums on these customized back cushions. Contact your Performance Health Sales Representative for details.
                                      Ortho Lower Back Cushions
                                  Sammons Preston® Half Lumbar Roll with Attachment Strap. Unique one half cylinder shape fits contour of lumbar region. Adjustable strap, snap-lock buckle allow placement in a fixed position. Firm-density foam. Latex free.
550092 11”L x 4 1/2”H x 2 1/2”D, Burgundy $16.70
56092601 11”L x 5”H x 2 1/2”D, Navy Blue $15.65
Sammons Preston® Lumbar Roll.
Effective in maintaining proper lumber lordosis while sitting. For car, lounge or of- fice chair. Adjustable strap with snap-lock buckle allows securing in a fixed position. 11”L x 41/2”D. Latex free.
6672 Standard, Navy Blue $17.70 550093 Firm, Burgundy $17.58
   The Original McKenzie® Early ComplianceTM Lumbar Support. Ideal
for youth, petites or patients with acute discomfort who cannot tolerate a larger-size lumbar roll. In acute cases, can be used temporarily until function and mobility are restored. 11”L x 31/2”D.
551533 $24.75
The Original Mckenzie® Lumbar Roll.
Polyurethane foam roll counteracts poor posture and supports the natural lordosis of the spine. Removable, elastic strap allows patients to attach the roll to standard chairs and car seats, or wear around the waist. Removable, washable cotton/polyester cover.11”L x 41/2”D.
6682 Soft Roll $26.20 A8182 Firm Roll $29.60
The Original McKenzie® SlimlineTM Lumbar Support. Provides added lumbar support in a car seat or office chair. Ideal for elderly or petite persons and those who have a limited range of motion in their lower back. 13”L x 8”H x 21/2”D.
The Original McKenzie® Super Roll.
High-resiliency foam and low-profile offer longer lumbar support and encourage proper sitting posture. Hook & loop panel attaches to fabric-covered seat backs, or at- tach the adjustable elastic strap to use with non-fabric covered seatbacks. Removable, washable velour cover. 16”L x 6”H x 2”D. A818200 $46.45
The Original McKenzie® D-SectionTM Lumbar Roll. Offers same support as the Original McKenzie® Lumbar Roll. Rests flat against chair backs and auto seats. Built-in elastic strap for firm fixation. Washable, removable charcoal grey cover. 12”H x 51/2”W x 5”D.
6676 $29.40
               The Original McKenzie® AirbackTM Inflatable Roll. Support on the go! When not in use, the Airback folds to about the size of a wallet and is an ideal choice for portable, discreet support at the theater, restaurant, or on the airplane. Fully inflates in seconds. (Not intended for long periods of use.) Latex free.
55153201 $15.10
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