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                                                                 Alarms     Fall Prevention
 Help reduce injuries and monitor patient exiting
  Fall Mats. Helps reduce the impact of falls and alerts staff that a patient needs atten- tion. A 15” x 30” sensor pad is embedded inside each half of the mat. These two pads offer 900 square inches of cushioned sensing surface. Mat is covered with blue nylon and folds in half for easy storage. Comes with TR Contact Alarm.
081499664 TR Contact Alarm with 2” Nonskid Fall Mat $412.20 081499680 TR Contact Alarm with 4” Nonskid Fall Mat $447.95
Non-Slip Floor Mats. Alerts you to patient ex- iting. Durable 35”x 23” non-slip top and bottom. The edge of the mat is only 3/16” thick and won’t hinder rolling chairs.
081499672 Non-Slip Floor Mat with TR Contact Alarm $263.40
081521699 Non-Slip Replacement Mat $126.85
    Wireless Fall and Floor Mat Conversion Kit. Connect the Fall Mat or Non-Slip Floor Mat to a wireless alarm transmitter unit to have an alarm sound outside of the room or at the nurses’ station. Mat can be paired with a Wireless Alarm/Transmitter (081506526) and Remote Receiver (081506534) that can be placed up to 100’ away, sounding and flashing remotely (in hallway or outside a patient’s room) so care- givers can easily identify the room in which the alarm is sounding.
081506526 Alarm Transmitter Unit $187.75 081506534 Remote Receiver/Alarm Unit $144.20
 See pages 806 for Bed Fall Mats.
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       Fall Prevention

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